DRIVEN: John Russo

Photo by Jason Bush

World renowned celebrity photographer John Russo knows (and loves) his sports cars, and the new Continental GT by Bentley is at the top of  his list!

With so many incredible Sports cars why this car?

Because it’s so very British and I love all things British. I have always been a fan of Bentley. They are extraordinary handmade automobiles. The new Continental GT Speed is beefy, solid, fast like a rocket and handles like no other.

What are your favorite features about this model?

The massage seats are perfect for long drives. The sound system is incredible. I can crack up Duran Duran and feel like I’m at the concert!

What does driving a Bentley say about you?

It says I appreciate the finer things in life and have reached a certain level of success that allows me to acquire them.

Is the Bentley Continental your everyday driver?

It’s a perfect every day car, but I prefer using it on the weekends. Driving in LA is sometimes frustrating. I am not a fan of valeting my car so its best I keep the Bentley at my other home in Montecito. Less traffic and less people to throw their car door into it. ( and you think I’m kidding)

Where is your favorite place to drive ?

I love driving up Pacific Coast Highway, sun setting, windows down and music blasting. Takes me back to 1994.

Sum up the car in a short phrase.

The ultimate in luxurious high performance.

Do Bentley drivers actually acknowledge each other when driving? 

Ha, that is funny, I would say yes. It’s basically a club that requires a lot of hard work to get in. Trust me on that.

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Photography: John Russo
Styling: Justin Lynn
Hair and Makeup: Kara Roberson
Shot at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California

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