Don’t WINE About It!


So, you thought the only acceptable drinks to bring to the beach were beer and water? Do your loved ones tell you that “the wine bottle takes up too much room in the cooler?” or “It’s 10 AM” Are you suffering from wine depravation while hanging shore side?

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With your new JOY Deluxe Insulated Wine Cooler Tote Bag all those struggles are in the past! This convenient and fancy tote doubles as a wine cooler to keep your beverage cold no matter how hot you get. Take it to the beach, take it to a cookout, take it to a picnic and enjoy this trust-worthy travel companion to keep your favorite drink cold while you’re looking even cooler. For only $9.95 you can receive a bag in your preferred color – with five cute designs to choose from. With an insulated interior, a water repellent exterior and reinforced handles you can enjoy this summer to the fullest with a bottle of wine in hand!

By Alissa Zarrabi


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