DJ Pebbles Sets Sail

DJ Pebbles is the definition of globe-trotter.

The pop singer — whose latest single, “Heart Away from You,” was produced by the Grammy award winning music maker Randy Jackson — spent the past year in New York City,  pursuing her popstar dreams and attending TISCH at NYU.

After finishing the semester, she flew back home to Australia, hopped aboard her family’s yacht and set sail for Europe.

“Writing my next single!”
“Morning yoga in Barcelona.”
“Going deep sea diving!”

We spoke with DJ Pebbles as the boat was returning back to her home down under.

Tell us about your summer aboard your family’s yacht.

We went to the most amazing places! It took thirty hours to get from Australia to Barcelona.  In Barcelona, we explored all of the tourist sites.  We ate pizza and pasta. After that, we cruised to Ibiza and wined and dined at beach side lunches and partied all night at all the best clubs.

Ibiza is heaven!

Yes, it’s my favorite place on the planet. I love a good party and Ibiza invented how to party.

“Ibiza time!”
“Watching the sunrise in Ibiza.”
“Morning runs in Ibiza.”
“Arriving in Portofino!”
“Portofino’s little getaways.”

Where did you go next?

From Ibiza, we went to Monaco, then St. Tropez,  Portofino and Cinque Terrra where we did way too much eating, drinking and shopping.

What city had the best shopping? 

St Tropez was extraordinary.  They had the best cruise wear and one-of-a-kind sneakers. I bought the cutest Marc Jacob cargo pants and Chanel clutch.

“Monaco with my girl.”
“Just your average Monaco backdrop!”
“This dress was stunning.”

Did the trip help you to get over the love you left behind that you sing about in “Heart Away from You”?  

No!  I’m still trying to get over him. I have come to realize that first heartbreak is super painful. It’s been a year and I still miss him but I had to leave him to pursue my dreams.  I love my work and that means sacrifice.

Did you discover any new romances on the trip?

I wish! Sadly, I didn’t have any European flings.

“My 10th ice cream cone in 2 days.”
“Karen and I pretended this one was ours!”

Did you stop anywhere along the way to perform or DJ? 

Yes, I performed several shows along the way. Work always comes first, even when I play.

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