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DIY with The PaintGlider

| June 30, 2014 | Reply

The PaintGlider is perfect for roller-painting projects as it’s a paint tray and easy-to-carry bucket all in one! It can spin in any direction, and the deep reservoir and sturdy handle lets home decorators carry up to one gallon of paint from room to room. This combats against having to constantly refill paint trays, bend over, pick up and move paint buckets, or–the dreaded–cleaning up messy spills.

The PaintGlider :

·        Has a rotating paint tray

·        Holds 1-gallon of paint

·        Slides over dropcloths without spilling

·        Easy-to-carry, sturdy handle

·        Easy to push or pull with roller

·        Includes drainage spout for pouring excess paint back into paint can

·        Made in USA!

The PaintGlider is perfect for painters, designers, home decorators, DIY-ers and any consumer looking for ways to make painting a breeze! Available nationwide at for MSRP $24.84, the PaintGlider is an affordable home decorating tool.

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