Designing Your Own Engagement Ring The Right Way

If you’re planning on proposing to your other half, or they’ve already popped the question and you’re both looking for the perfect ring, one of the best options is designing your own engagement ring. Designing an engagement ring isn’t as expensive or difficult as it sounds, and you can end up with something that’s really special and sentimental. You’ll love wearing this ring for years to come! Here’s how to do it the right way:

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Find The Perfect Jeweler

Not all jewelers are created equal. It’s so important to do a lot of research before you ask somebody to make the ring for you. The same design could turn out 100 different ways if you asked 100 different jewelers. You need to make sure you trust the jeweler, and that they are going to create the look you’re going for. Different jewelers specialize in different things. Make sure you know your stuff. You can find them both locally and online!


Go For The Style That Makes The Most Sense

Designing a ring with a huge rock probably doesn’t make sense if the person who is going to be wearing it works with their hands. It’ll only get in the way. You need to make sure that the style suits their lifestyle, so that they can wear it the majority of the time. Nobody wants to have to take one of their most prized possessions off! Also, make sure the style suits their own individual style too. Engagement rings don’t all have to look the same, you know. You can create just about anything!


What Do You Want The Ring To Say?

Make sure the ring communicates what you want it to say. Do you want it to be a representation of the both of you, or would you prefer to get this across by actually inscribing it with some meaningful words? You have so many options. Make sure that the ring doesn’t (metaphorically) say, ‘I don’t listen to you or know what you like so here’s the ring you got’. That won’t go down well.



Make Sure Quality Materials Are Used

You need to be sure that quality materials are to be used in the making of the engagement ring. By ensuring you have diamond prices explained you’ll get an idea of what you are paying for. You really do get what you pay for here, so it’s a good idea to avoid choosing ‘cheap’ options. Know how to identify quality materials and the ring will turn out great. You want it to last for years, not just for now.


Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

If you have a proposal date in mind, then giving yourself plenty of time is important. If you’re already engaged but have a wedding date in mind, then you should probably start now! Designing the perfect ring takes time, and then getting everything else in place takes time too.


Don’t forget to protect your ring properly either, by enquiring about guarantees. Never underestimate the power of insurance either!

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