What do you get when two casual clothing connoisseurs – Joie Rucker (founder of Joie and Rich & Skinny) and Caroline Calvin (former senior vice president for Global Design at Levi’s) – come together to create a fashion line? Calvin Rucker, a fashion and lifestyle brand that merges luxurious, sexy classicism with a rebellious streak in each and every design. BELLA sat down with Calvin Rucker’s design duo to talk motivation, inspiration, and their Holiday 2015 favorites. Listen in…

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You met working for the design team at Levi’s in 1995, and have said that you knew then that you wanted to launch a brand together. What motivated you to finally launch Calvin Rucker in 2012?  

In the first six months of working together [in 1995] we were already envisioning the start of our own brand, yet our lives and careers took us down different paths and places. Sixteen years later we landed back in the same time zone, and after one fateful surf session we revisited that dream of starting our own brand. A few waves later, we knew that we needed to make it happen.

We wanted to create a brand that would disrupt the way collections are created – merging casual with couture, elements of couture into typically casual styles. Our goal was to launch a collection that integrates how women really dress – mixing it up – by offering denim with silk tops, dresses with leather jackets, and trousers with t-shirts. We want women to have the courage to break the traditional parameters around style and retail buying, and inspire them to instead dress with confidence and style.

Calvin Rucker’s collections offer tough casual looks with feminine flair. What kind of women do you have in mind when designing?

The Calvin Rucker girl is a chic, modern woman. She has a unique sense of self and style that makes a memorable impression when she enters the room. She likes to mix it up her look with the perfect amount of femininity and edge, and always has something a little unique that sets the apart from the crowd.

What has been your greatest challenge with this project so far?

Our greatest challenge happens every season – editing the line while in development. We want to do it all, and especially with two creative brains there are twice as many ideas and energy in the process. We know that there is only so much that we can manage, but we always strive to do more!

Tell us about Calvin Rucker’s Holiday 2015 collection. What inspired this line?

Edwardian Rock Garden Holiday 2015 is inspired by the story of a dark English rose traveling the ages of rock. Our inspiration was rooted in everything from Gothic garden gates to rusted roses, combined with elements of shredded lace merged with a military inspiration.

What is your favorite look from the Holiday 2015 collection? 

One of our personal favorites is our drop crotch army pant with our love-worn linen boy t-shirt and Edwardian riding jacket. We think it is the perfect Calvin Rucker look, and embodies a balance of casual and couture, feminine and edgy, as well as comfortable and chic.

What’s next for Calvin Rucker? 

We are off and running on our Spring 2016 collection, Sirens of the Sea. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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