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In celebration of Fashion Week, BELLA caught up with designer and musician Kenley Collins –  a Project Runway alum – to see what she’s been up to amidst Polar Vortex temperatures!

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BELLA: I noticed you are from Florida. How long have you lived in NYC and more importantly, how are faring with this winter?

KC: I’ve been in NY 10 years. I love the seasonal changes. I don’t mind the cold or snow at all. I enjoy it!

BELLA: How was your show at Bowery Electric? Does your music inform your fashion work or is it the other way around?

KC: It was incredible! A full house! Nothing makes me happier than when people come out to watch me perform! My music and designs are both influenced by the same eras, 50’s and 60’s with a modern twist, so yes, the two absolutely go hand in hand. 

BELLA: Tell us about your new album. Are you touring in 2015?

KC: I’m very excited to be writing and recording new music with my band and performing in NY for now. I’m not sure on an album release date or tour yet. 

BELLA: Who are your style icons?

KC: I always loved the beauties of the 50’s and 60’s like, Anna Karina and Gene Tierney as well as spunky girly musicians like, Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani. 

BELLA: At BELLA our philosophy is “Beauty defined by you.” How do you define beauty?

KC: Beauty is knowing and loving who you are, then spreading that love to others no matter how much hate surrounds you. 

BELLA: Happy belated birthday! Any big plans or hopes for this year?

KC: Thank you! I’m hoping to release my second album and play more shows, while I take off from doing another collection, but continue to release some limited edition pieces to sell on my online shop, kenleycollins.com. I will always update my instagram followers on what’s new and next for me @kenleycollins

BELLA: Yes, please keep us posted on the new album. We can’t wait!

Kenley’s single “Dead at Birth” from her upcoming album is available on iTunes.


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