Delmonico’s 150th Anniversary Ladies’ Luncheon

To kick off a momentous occasion in history, this past Friday, Delmonico’s Restaurant hosted 150 of New York City’s top female leaders in business, media, food, film and the arts to celebrate the 150th anniversary of being the first U.S. restaurant to serve women unaccompanied by men. On April 20th, 1868, Delmonico’s hosted a first during that time, hosting a Ladies’ Luncheon organized by women’s rights organization, the Sorosis Club.
The 150th anniversary celebration welcomed chef Gabrielle Hamilton of PRUNE, who created her own rendition of the original Delmonico’s Ladies’ Luncheon menu, with dishes like cold poached mackerel with pickled celery hearts, malakoff with a cornichons-parsley salad, Colorado lamb loin chop with asparagus, peas and sauce colbert, and finished off with a dessert of bruléed rice pudding with strawberry meringue and macerated strawberries. This menu will be available all week through Saturday, April 28th.
Some of the notable women in attendance included Jacqueline Ebanks, The Commission on Gender Equity’s Executive Director, Olympian Devin Logan, President of the  Alliance for Downtown New York Jessica Lapin, actress Sophia Ann Caruso, curator of the Museum of Food and Drink Catherine Piccoli, among many others. At the end of the luncheon, guests were invited to share a meaningful personal item to be included in the Delmonico’s 150th Anniversary Ladies’ Luncheon time capsule. It was an empowering afternoon and for those who didn’t attend, you can still partake in the spirit of the event by making a reservation there this week to try the special Ladies’ Luncheon menu for yourself.

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