Date Night In: Movies and Pasta

Spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs


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The city has been so cold. At Bella NYC we are certainly welcoming the warmer temperatures! In the meantime, a fun idea is to create a cozy date-night at home. You can even watch a movie and create a pasta dish during the week or surprise your significant other with a tasty meal. The great thing about this idea is you can literally have a date and not have to worry about making it to work the following day. Jokes aside, here are some of our ideas on how to create an at home date experience. This is also a fun girls-night-in idea — gather your besties and watch “Eat Pray Love.”

Our favorite is “Lady and the Tramp.” So, we decided to make Spaghetti and Meatballs. You can add a crisp salad on the side and some garlic bread to complete the picture. Here are some movies that pair well for this special evening. Mangia!

Top 5 Pasta Movie Moments

While pasta may never win an Academy Award or walk the red carpet, it’s played an important role in many movies, helping provide romance, drama and excitement. Here are the top 5 movie moments that could certainly win an award for making us crave pasta!


  1. Lady and the Tramp – Spaghetti and Meatballs is the perfect dish to spark romance during your movie date night
  2. Under the Tuscan Sun – Bring your friends together for a movie party and let your stomach do the talking
  3. Elf – Maybe syrup isn’t your idea of spaghetti sauce, but Buddy proves pasta is a dish that lets you express your individuality
  4. Eat, Pray, Love – A night in with a movie, spaghetti, and a glass of wine is anything but boring
  5. The Apartment – Cooking pasta for the people you love is always fun – tennis racquet not required


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