Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth

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Speaker, poet, painter, and former business strategist, Danielle LaPorte is an inspirational powerhouse in the women’s spiritual empowerment space. We got to catch up with her in New York City, as she was on tour for her latest book, “White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping it Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another.” After watching her wow the crowd of enthusiastic followers at the Symphony Space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, it came as no surprise that she is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s elite SuperSoul 100 and has amassed a devoted following.

Live Into Your Own Healing

LaPorte believes that one’s spiritual healing process needs to reflect one’s personal truth and preferences. LaPorte found her answers from an array of healing modalities, religions, and spiritual methods, including Western medicine, Buddhism, as well as Vedic and Eastern practices. Taking this individual route is a challenge, she admits. “You have to rely so much on yourself and you have to be trusting, brave, and patient.” However, this is how you create real healing and less dependency on other people’s so-called cures and prescriptions, she adds.

Discovering Her Calling

It was during her own personal search for enlightenment that LaPorte figured out she was meant to help others. When she started to see that her self-expression about her spiritual journey was garnering such a positive response from others, she realized her calling. “My work seems to be giving a lot of women the message that they can live life on their own terms.”

A Push-Pull-Despise-Adore Relationship with Meditation, Yoga, and Clean Eating

At one point in her life, meditation became just another thing to do on her to-do list. “I abandoned it for a long time because it was causing me too much stress.” She thought she’d never return to it, but then she was taught a kind of meditation that worked for her, and it is now a core part of how she lives her life. She had similar experiences with yoga and clean eating. After being a vegetarian for 12 years, she began eating meat again, but has now returned to a plant-based diet. Her re-commitment to these healthy lifestyle choices is not because she is following trends but because she knows it is the best route for her mind and spirit.

Soul Goals

LaPorte’s latest intentional life design program helps people live their best lives by setting a more deliberate plan for the year. This day planner agenda also includes room for one’s soul and desires, including everything from business to vacation plans. The reason for its September release? When it comes to goal setting, she explains, “September is the new January.”

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