Capture ice cream obsession

Pop quiz: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which ice cream would you eat? Ah-ha, got you, didn’t I!? enter kaufen sie naturliches Viagra Kerching Casino Bonuscode best place to buy generic zyrtec online Safe Place to Buy Amantadine Online Buy Albenza Online Without a Prescription  If you have not planned this out quite yet, I have an amazing suggestion. Magnolia Ice Cream ( features dessert flavors for the deserted – such as avocado, purple yam, coconut, and lychee make surviving the elements more like a day at the beach. If you have never tried this brand before, you are in for a treat! Fresh fruit is listed as the third ingredient only behind “milk” and “cream” for all of Magnolia’s tropical fruit flavors. It is safe to say that you’ll be enjoying calcium and some essential nutrients that these superfoods provide — all in the form of ice cream! Magnolia Ice Cream by California based gourmet food company; Ramar Foods, is an all-natural ice cream, which contains only California pasture raised dairy along with whole fruit purees. With such rich flavors and lusciously creamy texture, it’s surprising that there are just 180-260 calories per half cup. Thankfully so, now you can feel good about enjoying naturally decadent ice cream. My fave is the Coconut- it’s the ultimate tropical taste sensation from the Philippines, one of the world’s largest coconut producers. Subtle, creamy and sweet, our rich Coconut ice cream brings the tropics to a bowl near you. Seriously…YUM!

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