Current Obsession: Kahlúa’s New Espresso Style Martini


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Kahlúa’s first ever Kahlúa Espresso Style Martini RTD (ready-to-drink) will be hitting store shelves soon. I had the chance to give the new martini in a can a try and I am OBSSED. It’s the right amount of everything and the bougie part about it…you don’t drink it in the can. It’s meant to be poured in a martini glass (or a solo cup if you’re classy like me) and let the cocktail can work its magic.

There’s the buzz of coffee combined with vodka and  creamy foam on top…it’s the perfect combo and it seriously tastes phenomenal. (I could have drank five of them but I was, ahem…working.)

The unique can is fitted with a smart nitrogen widget, which forces bubbles to the surface as soon as the can is opened to form the distinctive creamy foam of the classic cocktail. To serve, pour into a glass and enjoy immediately (with a friend, of course).

You can, actually, drink it from the can and still get that fizzy feel so it’s safe to say these will be my new beach buddies once the weather warms up.

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