Current Obsession: Haven Spa – NYC


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend some time at Play Slot Fruit Salad Games Keno game machine Regulator for Vanlig Poker Sistemi x roulette live Haven, a serene day spa on Mercer Street in NYC and it was indeed heavenly.  That’s because I got to try out their brand new Harmony Massage and I sure am singing its praises!

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The experience consists of sound therapy, Ayurvedic massage, and aromatherapy. They use tuning forks to restore the body’s electromagnetic field, Ayurvedic massage with a focus on the heart chakra, marmas, and vital meridian points, and grounding and uplifting aromas to release emotional burden and restore a sense of balance and harmony. The two tuning forks that are used are carefully selected for their ability to open energy pathways in order to ease physical and emotional pain. I have to say this massage had lasting effects and really soothed and resonated deep within my body and soul. Very trippy and I literally felt like I floated all the way home to Long Island. ($180 – eighty minutes.)

If you’re not into Super Bowl Sunday and looking for a great escape I highly recommend you spend some time at Haven. It’s so pretty inside and the pampering is top-notch! Also, if you’re looking to spoil your sweetheart… For Valentine’s Day, everybody who comes in for a couple’s massage will receive a Coco La Vie massage candle in home or femme to take home complimentary. Sure beats candy for me!

And in lei of flowers, you can also purchase a Haven  gift certificate for your sweetheart. (Hint, hint!)  They offer some really amazing body therapies, skincare treatments – even hair and nail care.  It’s the ultimate winter NYC haven and I can wait to come back! Next visit, I plan to try their “Bitch Massage”.  With a name like that it’s GOT to be good. Just saying…

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