Current (Fashion) Obsession: Liverpool Jeans – Madonna Legging

For a long time, I have felt like the Goldilocks of leggings. Some are too tight, others are too thin; they bunch up, flare out….the struggle was real. It think it’s safe to say I finally have found a pair of black leggings that are just right! These Liverpool Madonna Leggings ($79) are my absolute favorite.

These Mid-rise ponte-knit leggings are rather perfect. They work for dressing up or keeping it causal. They’re super comfy and soft with amazing stretch.  If you’re on the hunt for a winter wardrobe staple and need a top-notch pair of black leggings, these leggings are a sure thing!

Liverpool Jeans was founded by 30 year fashion industry veterans, Ron and Jill Perilman. Ron, owned and operated successful apparel brands such as City Girl and co-operated NYDJ. Jill was CEO of Denimhead, a widely subscribed denim service which provided new innovations and trends in the denim world.

They came together with the mission to design jeans with the latest technology for all ages and demographics at the best value. Liverpool was born, offering high quality denim with unique fabric blends and advancements in fit solutions for under $100.

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