Sauza Sparkling Margarita WatermelonSunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.  So does kicking back with a margarita as the sun goes down.  It’s safe to say I’m a margarita aficionado –it’s my signature drink that I always order so the bar is usually set pretty high when it comes to this particular cocktail.  My newest at-home cocktail  obsession  is Sauza Sparkling Margarita Watermelon and it tastes truly magnificent.   It’s a bright, juicy and refreshing twist on the classic margarita; sweet and tart watermelon and lime—simply perfecto!

What I also really love is that it comes ready-to-serve so all you have to do is twist the cap and pour over ice and it’s an instant celebration. It’s great for the beach, a picnic, a party…or just chilling in your backyard with some guacamole and chips. The perfect way to make summer really sparkle. Following Original Lime, Wild Berry and Mango Peach, Watermelon is the latest flavor to join the Sparkling line. All Sauza Sparkling Margarita offerings use Sauza Silver Tequila as a base, complemented with Triple Sec, effervescence and refreshing fruit flavors.  Ah,  what can be better than spiked effervescent bubbles? Absolutely nothing! $12.99,

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