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Just when you think you  can’t take another cold and dreary winter  spring day, alas there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Two words say it all: Spa Week.   Mark your calendars because April 21-27 spas all across the country slash two or three of their full-service  swanky spa treatments to only $50. It’s the ultimate “pamper me” sale that comes along only twice a year (in the spring and  the fall) and  it really is a sweet deal.

To see if the discounted services are truly up to par, I headed to Purity Spa in Saint James, NY and  I pretty much left speechless. I chose the 60-minute Signature Massage with Hot Stones and Choice of Aromatherapy Infusion.   It began with a consultation with Jodi, my massage therapist with 14 years of experience.  I chose the scent that she was going to use for my massage –a lovely and soothing lavender.  Truth be told, it was one of the best massages I have received all year. Jodi used traditional Swedish techniques with long stokes and a medium pressure, pinpointing all of my tense spots with precision.  Lastly, hot stones were used on my neck and shoulders, which is why when all was said and done I was unable to form a sentence–it was beyond amazing. If you live anywhere near Saint James, a visit to Purity Spa  is a must and ask for Jodi because the massage she gave me was both  masterful and intuitive.

To get the same kind of  VIP treatment (for only $50!) you probably should start booking soon. The Spa Week website make searching for a participating spas super simple.

Step One:  If you are already a member, login OR if you are new to Spa Week, sign up.

Step Two: Search for $50 spa treatments by city and state or zipcode.

Step Three: Book your appointments online at SpaWeek.com or call the spa to book your appointment

Step Four: Enjoy your spa treatment and pat yourself on the back for taking good care of yourself AND  cashing in on a great deal.

Step Five: Thank me (totally optional).


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