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Now this make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift!

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Looking for a fun new signature scent?  Online perfume brand Pinrose uses an online quiz that matches customers to a Pinrose scent using the science of synesthesia (a neurological condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensory sensation of another,) of which is theorized that everyone posses to a latent degree.  Stay with me here…By connecting your preferences for certain colors, shapes, sounds and textures, these choices can then be mapped onto the olfactory spectrum. Using a tested algorithm, Pinrose then suggests customers purchase a trial package of complementary scents, along with instructions on how to wear, layer and experience each scent. Each Pinrose perfume is a playful, creative recipe of scent notes with devilish names like Garden Gangster, Cuddle Punk, and Secret Genius. Each Pinrose Scent has been matched to a drink to sip on, a playlist to listen to, and a Pinterest board to inspire- helping you match each scent to your gift list with ease. How fun! Here is my quiz results:



One fragrance suggestion I received from the quiz was spot on and I fell in love with it the second I sniffed it:  PILLOWTALK POET – Crafted by Vito Lenoci ($55) is a fresh laundry mix of powder and musk and I absolutely love it!


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