Un Jung Lee, Un Jung Bags, USA


Un Jung Lee gets his inspiration while she creates her art, and he likes to combine Korean and western influence together because it is the makeup of who she is. Her art is strongly inspired by her childhood memories in Korea. As a girl, I always liked to visit her grandmother's house because she had a wonderful garden that she planted, and she made many beautiful Korean traditional dresses.

While Un Jung Lee studied Korean traditional accessories, a small, shell-shaped, traditional Korean jewelry bag caught her eye. She thought the small container to be the answer for developing her art. However, the material and its traditional creation process proved difficult to produce, so she changed materials and shapes in order to create the perfect container for the her art in a way that makes them more attractive and easier to create.



  • It’s so pretty. It’s like a dream in the middle of a summer night.

  • Ku Seung-mo says:

    It’s awesome~!!

  • It is a gorgerous bag with gold chain. And flowers match the gold chain nicely.
    It is not a just bag. It is the bag combing beauty and artistry.

  • it looks a stunning bag!
    i want ms. lee to great succeed through her amazing childhood memoies.

  • Lindas carteras , con hermosos diseños.

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