Tian Lan, Ahh Boo, Parsons The New School for Design, China



  • What a creative work. It’s great.

  • I was trying to upload compliments in Chinese, however, it looks like that they didn’t go through. Good Work!!! Hope you could win the competition!

  • Larry Darrell says:

    Tian is a truly gifted designer who will be named among the greats one day. It is a privilege to witness and appreciate her early work.

  • It’s very unique and stylish. I love it.

  • Great design. Perfect style for summer.

  • Beautiful artistic design and very colorful. Reminds me of spring.)

  • So cute!!! I love it!!! It would be nice to see it in other colorways!

  • Fantastic! So proud of you!

  • Christina says:

    Really beautiful and refined works!

  • Beautiful basket, very colorful and creative. I love it!

  • Love that dog woof woof

  • Beautiful basket, very colorful and creative. If I have one I’ll bring to the beach. Highly recommended!

  • Incredible work! Like it

  • Great design, love the bag so much!

  • Really pretty basket, bright color. Perfect for summer time outings!

  • Perfect picnic basket!

  • Gorgeous basket, very chic!

  • I can fit my poppy in there when I go outside! Very good design!

  • Very spiritual design, great!

  • Very spiritual design, great!

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