Sabrina Yuanwen Zeng, Sabrina Zeng, China/USA  

Fashionable vintage silhouette: Crafted from Italian smooth leather, this small timeless style is defined by the pleats front flap and a vintage-inspired silhouette. Versatile: The cotton twill- lined interior is divided into two compartments for easy organization. Wear it as a crossbody, belt bag or clutch.



  • it looks to me kind of minimal but then those wavy “folds”… Reminds me of the nature, dunno why though. However all fits very well, it has harmony. Very cool stuff

  • Tina Sebastiani says:

    Sabrina Yuanwen Zeng, you rule!!

  • Elissa Bloom says:

    Sabrina’s designs are elegant, timeless and beautiful…art in motion.

  • donnetta bishop-johnson says:

    Minimalist yet extraordinary!

  • I like the puristic and clean effect with a twist of playful drapé.

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