Ratna Ho, Fraenck, The Netherlands


Fraenck's design inspiration comes from the materials they find. While making the bag, they listen to the materials. Joy and humor plays a big role as a source of inspiration. Although they don't believe in timelessness, they try to design their items as timeless as possible, so it can be worn as long as possible.

Fashion trends are not sustainable in the long run. Working with limitations is a challenge, but they have learned to love them. Working only with up-cycled  materials is a no brainer for the brand.



  • Beautiful bag, love it!

  • Beautiful outside and both inside! Sustainable brand and working with scrap vegan leather. Absolutely amazing!

  • Hermosos bolsos, carteras, billeteras. Un exito, me encantan.

  • Super stylish items, look as elegant as leather but it’s a more sustainable alternative. A versatile design that adapts to the clients wishes and needs without loosing its essence.

  • Ilse Cats says:

    Beautiful bag! Mesmerizing!

  • Breathtakingly beautiful bag!

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