Mayra Martinez Spencer, Mayra Martinez Spencer, Venezuela


Mayra believes self-love is a practice many people overlook. We all have done it at one point in our life where we neglect, or we are too hard on ourselves. Mayra thinks it is essential always to practice self-care and incorporate into our daily life. As a crystal collector Mayra works with vibrational energy, and likes to incorporate crystal properties into her designs. Self-love, made her think of rose quartz.

It's a crystal with amazing high vibrational energy; it's gentle yet powerful. The rose quartz has formations with prismatic effects inside it, such as rainbows. She created a handbag design with the iridescent, rainbow effect inside rose quartz as radiant and powerful as we should feel about ourselves. She chose to use a metallic iridescent leather with stitched, quilted heart design and a golden chain strap for an elegant and upscale design.



  • Beautiful peace of art reflect in a nice and elegant purse.

  • Absolutely amazing !!!

  • Amazing creative love it

  • I love the colors and it’s perfect for a night out!

  • Original just like people like. Originality

  • Mireya Bermúdez says:

    Listo prima y éxitos. Muy hermosa tu creación y diseño.

  • Love it!!! My favorite!!!

  • Beautiful!!!!! The best!❤️

  • Stunning design! This bag is the definitive meaning of ‘dreams comes true’. After watching the video I realized that the vision was aspiring; thus the bag became a proof of a unique piece of art. The nuance of white is an extremely rare touch and hard to grasp; and this design has it all.
    Great bag, Can not wait to buy it!

  • Great design!!! Aspired by passion, it’s a definition of exciting!

  • AbdulRahman says:

    Creative and unique design ❤️

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