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The inspiration for The Le Morne Lunch Box came to Jeffrey when a good friend of his, from his home-country of Mauritius, came to visit him for the first time in Manhattan. They were deciding what to eat for dinner when he told him he always wanted to order Chinese food so he could eat directly out of the cardboard take-out box. It was a classic image he'd had of what it was like to live in New York City; cramped up in a small apartment, sitting on the floor with nothing but good friends, light shining in through the window, and disposable utensils that came complementary with your meal.

It was the same feeling the designer had when he moved to New York City, and away from his family. Fearful, but willing to put everything I had into pursuing his dreams of being a designer. This bag, and really the entire collection, is about those moments. The moments that start with wide eyes and a fluttering heart.



    • Clifford Fong says:

      Great design . Bravo

    • Clifford Fong says:

      Every Mauritian should be proud

  • Prisca Law-kwang says:

    Very cleverly designed bag & nice bright colours

    • Very cute , love the bright colors

  • Jeffrey really got talent since childhood… He always got the final touch needed to reach perfection.

    • Really unique design. Love it

  • Very creative.. nice design ..add green colour to match our national flag.

    • Helene LEUNG KEI says:

      Yune, the green colour is inside

  • A pure work of art reflecting creativity and innovation

    • Marie Noelle says:

      Original design and the shoulder belt is quite innovative for a lunch box.

      • Dominique says:

        Very innovative,original and trendy!

  • Good job of Jeff Wan, Inc., Mauritius.
    I see the the Lunch Box
    It s really nice and usefull
    I like the colour and disign.
    And it helped me voting easily for Jeffrey
    best of luck

  • Joyce wylie says:

    Lovely design
    I love the style and colours

  • Like the vibrant colours n design won’t mind a handbag of similar design.

  • Really nice and trendy!

  • Awesome design and good use of colour. Keep up with the great work.

  • Jeanine Lee says:

    There is green one inside the bag Yune

  • Very well designed, colourful and trendy. Keep it up. Proudly Mauritian

  • Love all the bright colours and out of the box concepts!
    Bought a Jeff Wan bag last year and you can see it’s of high quality! Material, finishing touches, everything is perfect made!

  • Love the bright colours and out of the box design!
    Ordered a different Jeff Wan bag last year and absolutely love it! You can see the high quality of work!
    Keep it up Jeff Wan Inc!

  • Very well designed, attractive, colourful and trendy. Good Job Jeff Wan

  • Beautiful. Good Job

  • Representing our mauritian colour perfectly. Love the design work and voting everyday 🙂 Keep it up Jeff!

  • Melanie Li says:

    the best of the best 🙂 great Job Jeff Wan

  • Very good design and good quality product. I was gifted a bag from Jeff Wan line. Keep going strong.

  • Anick Yip says:

    Attractive, original and colorful. Well done Jeff. Keep it up.

  • Colorful,more to explore inside the bag, full of potential designer, Bravo Jeff!!!

  • Ordered my first bag- the Bazar Tote and just got it!! Just perfect! thank you Jeff WAN!

  • Very original and unique style.

  • Very talented … He deserves our votes… Go go go Jeff….

  • Great smart design & style.

  • Marie Noelle says:

    Very nice! Bravo

  • Looks like it will fit my whole make up bag, water bottle and etc!! and I love the colors!!!! such a perfect item!

  • Nathalie cpc says:

    Love it! Unique design! It looks practical Well done

  • Désirée says:

    Bright idea, interesting project.

  • Dominique SA says:

    Stunning! I want one! Very snazzy / creative and original, never seen one like this before.

  • Nice concept with bright colours . … Keep up the good work

  • Original, very cute, good job, bravo

  • Liu Man Hin Sergio says:

    Great work

    • Smart !! Very Smart thinking indeed!
      Jeff Wan, can’t wait to see more of your creations!!

  • All the perfect words were already listed… Awesome indeed!

  • A so talented designer.
    Must give him a vote and an unconditional support.

  • a very talented designer who needs to be encourage to fullfill his dream.
    must be backed to achieve his goal.

  • Really nice and unique

  • Very nice.. Good job Jeff

  • Amazing designs! Very original

  • Great job Jeff!! You are a great designer, keep it up

  • Trendy and unique! J’adore!

  • Very nice. Well done. Must be encouraged.

  • Nice! It can carry my personal items without any problem & the colors are awesome!! Well done & keep up!

  • Super! It can carry my personal items without any problem & the colors are awesome!!
    Well done & keep up!

  • Virginie Ha Choe says:

    Very nice Jeff. Keep on going in the fashion field and keep on shining like a Star.

  • Nice and original design. good job

  • Jeanine Lee says:

    Well done Jeff. Keep it up.

  • Just received my Jeff Wan bag – loving it!

  • AWESOME….. I love all your creations Jeff Wan. Keep up the good work and wish you a very bright future.

  • very talented young man!

  • Patrick Lee says:

    Great job Jeff. Keep it up.

  • Jeanine Lee says:

    You are a great designer Jeff . Good job.

  • Just got mine, and totally love it…It’s just awesome.. Thank you.. You are a rising star, Jeff Wan…. All the best

  • Innovative.. Great..Awesome. Love it. Will definitely follow you Jeff Wan

  • Francoise says:

    Nice bag.Keep it up

  • Great design… Well done..

  • Philippe yip says:

    Lovely and colourful design. Well done. Keep it up. Jeff

  • WSH LEUNG KEI says:

    Awesome bag, very colourful & nice cut. I can fit all my personal items without problem. Thumbs up Jeff Wan!

  • Mario Yew Hin says:

    Your creations are outstanding…

  • So classy. And well designed collection. Well done

  • Awesome design. Love the colours!

  • A very talented designer!

  • You are young and talented!
    Great work! Meticulous and precise!
    Keep the good work Jeff Wan!!

  • Good use of colors! Proud to be mauritian like you! Feel patriotic!
    Thanks Jeff Wan!!

  • You deserve to win this competition! Lots of work and effort! Talented, creative, hard worker & meticulous!!

  • You deserve to win this competition! Lots of work and effort put in this design!

  • Stylish and very original! Keep up the good work!!

  • Trendy design and flawless finish, oustanding products

  • Passion, creativity and hardwork transcends from the designer to each of his piece of art.

  • Love the design. Got my first bag and just loooove it. Thank you Jeff Wan

  • Jeanine Lee says:

    Awesome design. Well done Jeff Wan.

  • Awesome design. Well done Jeff Wan.

  • Beautiful, elegant and very fashion.I love your designs,

  • Catherine says:

    I got mine.Marvellous designer.Thumbs up.

  • Great achievement. Awesome design and lots of creativity. Thumbs up Jeff Wan❤❤❤

  • Just received mine.Good and marvellous bag.

  • Just Amazing!!! Beautiful colours. Keep it up

  • I like the colourful bag.Very nice.definitely,I vote for the Le Morne Lunch Box

  • Great design and what a good idea with colours of the Mauritian Flag. Proud to be Mauritian!!!

    • Love the design and choice of colours. You deserve to be among the best.

  • Love your design, choices of the Mauritian colours and names. Wish you a bright future

  • Love your style. You will definitely be among the best. Good luck Jeff Wan

    • Marvellous good design Jeff Wan

  • Anick Yip says:

    You are very talented and deserve to win this competition.
    It’s not only a bag but a lot of memories inside it . Good luck Jeff. So proud of you keep it up

  • Very creative. You deserve to win!

  • Very creative and well designed!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Love the concept! ❤️

  • Love the concept and idea behind it

  • Great concept and design. I love the uniqueness of the bag

  • Stephanie says:

    Beautiful handbag, love the design & the inspiration behind. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Stephanie says:

    Love the handbag, beautiful design & love the inspiration behind. Keep up the good work.

  • Lovely and practical. All my favourite colours are here. Thank you Jeff Wan

  • Such an amazing, creative, colourful design made of high quality design. Well done Jeff Wan.

  • So nice.. love it….wish you good

  • Just Woahhh… Love the bags

  • Genius design, gorgeous!

  • Beautiful and classy bags. I love it

  • Tres talentueux et je te souhaite un brillant avenir. Bonne chance Jeff

  • Wish you all the very best Jeff Wan. Very talented

  • So beautiful bags. I love them

  • Beautiful. keep it up Jeff Wan

  • Superbe et tres pratique avec de jolies couleurs. Bravo jeune homme avec un tres brillant avenir devant toi

  • You are very talented. All the best

  • Georgette says:

    How beautiful these bags are Jeff Wan. Wish you all the best . You are a winner

  • Tres talentueux. Tu merites le meilleur. Bonne chance vers un brillant avenir

  • Good Job Jeff Wan. Very creative. Good luck

  • Bravo Jeff. Bonne chance

  • You have always been very creative. Amazing design. Good Luck Jeff

  • Amazing bags. All the best to win. You deserve it Jeff

  • Bergeline says:

    What an incredible talented young man Jeff Wan. Wish you lots of success in your carreer.

  • Popo & koung says:

    Good luck to our grand son! We feel for you and have faith in you!
    From Popo & Koung Wan

  • Go Go Go!! Jeff Wan!!
    You are inspiring by your youth, talent and creativity!!

  • Young & talented designer.. The WAN to follow…

  • Awesome work. Good Luck

  • Love the design and choice of colours. You deserve to be among the best.

  • You are the best Jeff Wan.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Great design. Very original. Well done Jeff!

  • Marylin Chai nam says:

    Georgeous bag Jeff ! You are so talented. We Mauritian are proud of you .

  • Proudly mauritian. Bravo!

  • Great achievement.Great design.You deserve the vote.

  • very creative Jeff keep it up

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