Florina Sirman, atribut, Romania


A notebook awaits to be written blending classical maroquinerie techniques with innovative elements, the designer encourages women to write their stories, with confidence, everyday! Atribut is a creative space meant for practicing creativity. Atribut is about mixing materials and textures, it's about creating forms and volumes. It is also about leaving a well-known path and exploring new spaces, new opportunities, new horizons. It is a journey! Atribut means clarity and quality in terms of design, materials used and how they are treated. Atribut means a particular approach to materials that can be easily felt.



  • Joyce wylie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • sandhya baboololl says:

    Great concept

  • Steluta Mladin says:

    very original, congratulations!

  • Amazing bags, creative and high quality!

  • Wonderful!!! Bravo!!!

  • Robert fodolica says:

    Very creative!

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!

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