Erin Salko, Pointe Reimagined, Parsons The New School for Design, USA see go here follow  

Erin Salko hand makes her bags out of old pointe shoes that would typically be thrown away. She is in the process of getting them out there and selling them.



  • Great job Erin! You got my vote!!


  • My very talented niece! My vote is in! Aunt Carol xo

  • Katrina vogel says:

    Wow what a great idea. I love it!


  • Lee Schwartzberg says:

    What an ingenious idea!! The bag is beautiful.

  • Jesse Effros says:

    I used to take ballet classes. Have many memories of woman putting on point shoes and talking away. While I sit around in my slippers waiting for our class to begin. This is really cool, special and meaningful.

    Very nice work, you got my vote.


  • Different and full of memories.

  • Very nice! Great job!

  • Kecia Helms says:

    Beautiful job. Good luck . You are very talented.

  • Laura Cole says:

    So beautiful and clever.

  • Melissa Lopatofsky says:

    Amazing and Beautiful Erin! You have my vote!

  • Barbara Clauson says:

    Very lovely. You have my vote.

  • Great job combining fashion and up cycling Erin

  • Kelly Powers says:

    Love the beautiful, sustainable design.

  • Ann Wright says:

    The delicacy of the pale pink satin supported by the point shoe structure makes for a piece of art as well as strikingly creative and pretty fashion. If it can be upsized to a tote bag, you’ll have every ballerina as well as former ballerinas vying for one! You certainly are attending a school that promotes your creativity! Best of luck!

  • Beautiful inside and. Out- just like you! I want to buy one!
    Tara Mahoney Paske

  • I loved watching my daughter dance pointe, was one of my favorite times


  • Awesome job Erin! Keep up the great work!

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