Charlotte Bingham-Wallis and Maria Costa, FROM BELO, UK source  

From Belo, stands firmly rooted in the belief that kindness is a daily practice that supports, and elevates our local and global communities. From Belo proudly works with impeccably skilled artisans to create ethical fashion using reclaimed materials that are meticulously refurbished with great attention to detail. They believe in the dignity of fair wages, transparency in the workplace, and giving back from where they take. They make sure everyone that works with us are appreciated and respected. At From Belo, Fair-trade is the norm. From Belo empolys skilled artisans from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Including many who had lost their work as they were unable to compete with the cheap labour in other parts of the world. These groups of people had unfortunately  fell into poverty as they were unable to get sufficient work. From Belo not only decided to work with these amazing skilled people but also provide them with a living wage so that they can grow and prosper rather than just surviving.



  • Bellas y originales sobre todo producto peruano. Felicidades Arleti

  • Giuliana Malatto says:

    Muy lindos los diseños……

    • Patricia Miyasato says:

      Arletti’s designs are not only beautiful and trendy, but also environmentally friendly. The perfect combination.

  • Amazing work girls, I love it!!

  • So beautiful and love your story

  • Maria Eugenia Jordan says:

    Love it!

  • Bellas creaciones hechas por manos trabajadoras peruanas. 100%PERU !!:)

  • ready for a belter of a party!

  • Goes with everything – love it❤️

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