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Confidently Cool: Jake Robinson on Acting, Advice and Unwinding

| March 18, 2014 | Reply

By Dana Priggé

Actor Jake Robinson, who is currently on “The Carrie Diaries” (the CW) and will be starring in the upcoming “Odyssey” (NBC) and “The Leftovers” (HBO), has an impressive list of credits already attached to his name. Considered by many to be extremely talented and primed for further success, Robinson’s good looks, as well as his cool and confident demeanor, remind us of – dare we say – a young Johnny Depp.

After graduating college in 2012 and moving to New York to pursue his dream of acting, opportunity soon found him. Upon landing a recurring role on “The Carrie Diaries,” Robinson’s talents saw his character become a regular with a central role. Despite his nascent career, he has already demonstrated his range as an actor and has become one of the industry’s in-demand young leads.

The talented and handsome actor recently discussed some of his favorite New York hotspots, personal style and his take on the craft of acting with BELLA NYC, along with some helpful tips for those looking to carve out their place in the world …

Your character on “The Carrie Diaries,” Bennet, is seen living the New York City life. Tell us about some of your favorite places to unwind after a long day of shooting.
That’s a tough one. There are a couple of places: in the summer I like heading to Blockheads up on 50th and 8th for their margaritas and outdoor seating. If I want to stay closer to home, EnDuro is a new spot on 56th between 2nd and 3rd where my girlfriend and I like to enjoy a glass of wine. A good dive bar for me is the Greenwich Treehouse down in Greenwich Village. They play vintage music videos and old movies. Union Hall in Park Slope is also a great spot. If I want to dance, I go to the Penny Farthing on 1st Ave and 14th.

Since the show, as a prequel to “Sex and the City,” is set in the 80’s, are there any styles or fashions that you have incorporated into your own street style?
Eric Daman, who did the costumes for “The Carrie Diaries,” is so good about designing for an audience. Most of my wardrobe – a lot of printed shirts and chinos – came from Top Shop. I guess if there is one thing I took away from Bennet’s style, it’s better taste in shoes for men. He has some slick shoes that have influenced the way I dress up to go out. My style is definitely more toned down than Bennet. You can follow all “The Carrie Diaries” fashion online.

You have also recently been cast as the lead in NBC’s new drama, “Odyssey,” and also cast in Damon Lindelof’s “The Leftovers,” which airs on HBO. What traits do you think have aided you grow your craft from reluctantly auditioning in an Ohio high school theater production to now potentially appearing/starring in three shows at the same time?

So many different combinations of things (laughs). I think, first and foremost, a love and passion for the craft of acting and the art of storytelling. Secondly, there have been multiple teachers and mentors who have nurtured me to become a better actor and person. I credit Otterbein University a lot for my growth as an actor – their program is stellar. Finally, but most importantly, my family – especially my parents and siblings – who instilled in me a love for art and creation at a young age. Our home was always an open environment where I was encouraged to create and use my imagination. They have always been extremely supportive.

Does filming on location in New York for your various projects give you any special insight into themes and plot lines?  Does it present any challenges?

I’m not sure if it gives me any insight, but I do feel incredibly lucky to film in one of the coolest cities in the world. Each day we get to shoot on location is so much fun. There is so much to explore in NYC – you can spend your whole life here and not even see half of what it has to offer. Some of the challenges are that it can be tough to shoot on the street because it’s distracting. You really have to learn how to keep your focus on the task at hand. Also, there is generally a lot more wait time because the camera setups take longer. But for the most part I would rather be on the streets than in a studio.

Your character in “The Carrie Diaries” is a writer at Interview Magazine.  Do you have any tips for me?

I wish Andy Warhol were still alive! He was such a character. Interview was always on the cutting edge of the scene that was NYC in the 80s. You can do that for BELLA now! My tip would be to never ever go back to using pagers. Keep the smart phone.

As someone who moved to New York to chase their dreams, what advice would you give to others attempting to make it in this fast-paced and challenging environment?

Say yes to every opportunity. Make sure you never lose sight of your goals. Take time to enjoy the city. Don’t let things you can’t control get you down.

Find out more about Jake Robinson’s upcoming projects at, or follow him on Twitter @JakeRobinsonAct.

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