How The Cigarette Whisperer Helps You Become Smoke-Free in Days

What if there was a drug that never got you high?  Repulsed you most of the time?  Repulsed the people closest to you (or who chose to never get close to you)?  Gave you wrinkles?  Made you feel less than?  Scared your loved ones?  Potentially will do horrible things to your health and life? Never really made you feel good but frequently made you feel and smell terrible? Wasted both your time, money and self-esteem?  Would you use it?  Would you want to continue to use it?

What if this addiction (according to the Centers of Disease Control) killed over 443,000 people each year in the US?  That’s more people annually than those who die from fire, suicide, homicide, car, plane and train crashes, all other drugs and alcohol abuse, every American that died fighting in World War II and AIDS – COMBINED.

A drug that you can see people using/abusing on almost every street at any time.  Would you say something? Would you want to help that person? Would you want to help yourself?

There is such a drug. The only substance sold legally in this country that if it is used exactly as it is intended will harm the person using it. Tobacco. Nicotine.

What if there was a way out? What if there was someone out there who has helped hundreds of people get smoke-free and would like to help you? Was featured on TV show, The Doctors?  Would you call him or refer him to someone you care about?  What if this person always offered a free, no pressure consultation and if a good fit would have you smoke-free before you knew it? What if there were no tricks, gimmicks, drugs, hypnosis, needles, nicotine replacements, or b.s.?  Would you give him 5 minutes on the phone?

Physicians nationwide refer to him.  His clients have been some of the most recognized names in Hollywood and Wall Street.  We know you deserve better than what nicotine (an insecticide) is doing for you.

To find out more contact The Cigarette Whisperer, Rocky Rosen on 818-961-6978 or visit

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