Chilling Out With NYC Trendsetter & Tastemaker Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

Where else can a health-conscious, multitasker sip on yummy, healthy drinks like a Beet-chata at the café, get some Instagram-worthy nail art from Lady Fancy Nails, and receive a relaxing massage? None other than Chillhouse, a downtown hot spot that’s the brainchild of wife and husband team, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and Adam Fulton.

We were excited to chat and chill with Ramirez-Fulton at her new Lower East Side café. The trendsetting biz pro, a New York City native, is also the founder of the popular food and fashion blog, Taste The Style. She’s come quite a ways from her start as a teen model and actress (she appeared in an episode of “The Sopranos” once with Lady Gaga!). Listen in on our exclusive conversation with her about fitness, fashion, and food…



Tell us about the inspiration behind Chillhouse.

 It’s been about a year since my husband (Adam Fulton, owner of Den Hospitality Group) and I came up with the concept. We were in the market for massages one day when it dawned on us that there was such a huge contrast in spaces and prices when it came to those services. We got to chatting and put our heads together about spa spaces in general and what’s missing. Then it was clear: We wanted to create a space that allowed New Yorkers to chill in more than one way: massages, manicures, and a café. One year later, we opened up Chillhouse.


What’s your go-to workout these days? I noticed on your Insta feed that you love Soul Cycle; what else?

I’m an Equinox member, but I love exploring other studios as well. In an ideal world, I would do a couple of days a week there, then would sprinkle in the week with studio visits. I do Soul Cycle a few times a month, and I visit other studios about twice a month. I’m a huge fan of Y7, The Class, and New York Pilates, too. I’m also trying to get into SLT,                                                               though that place is no joke!




We love your blog, Taste The Style, and you are known as a tastemaker in both style and food. What’s your food philosophy when it comes to dieting?

Oh man, that’s hard. In the past, I’ve either been pretty healthy or super naughty. But at this time in my life, I’m trying to balance the two because I simply don’t have the mental capacity to think about my diet all that much unless I have to commit to a strict one for a special occasion. (I do recommend the Clean diet + Sakara Life for that!) For the most part, I eat what I want—within reason—and work out to offset the calories. Life is about enjoying yourself at the end of the day, isn’t it?


Are you inspired by a particular style or era? 

I like to think I’m a little inspired by the late ‘70s and ‘80s. My ultimate style icon is Bianca Jagger—chic and timeless but also kind of a disco queen.


What advice do you have for readers who are looking to follow their own entrepreneurial dreams like you?

 Look at what’s missing in an industry you love and make it your own. And this goes without saying, but love what you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work.


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