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Celebrity Wedding Planner Mikie Russo: Decor Tips, Positivity and Passion

| March 4, 2015 | Reply


Celebrity Wedding Planner, Mikie Russo of Michael Russo Events, star of “Mikie Saves the Date” on FYI network, recently sat down with Bella NYC to discuss some of his inspirations, tips and motivations.  Mikie is well known both in the celebrity party planning circuit, as well as national daytime morning shows such as Wendy Williams, and can be seen this Friday, March 6th at 11am on The View.  The season finale of “Mikie Saves the Date” is this Sunday, March 8th at noon, so we were excited to sit down and find out some of the tips and tricks Mikie utilizes in his planning and profession.

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What inspired you to begin your business?

It’s funny.  I’ve always had a passion for parties and flowers and decorating from a very young age.  My parents were instrumental in helping me form what I wanted to do.  I drove my parents crazy, I was the type of kid who would re decorate my room at least once a year.  I had them change my floors, put in molding, and I think they got tired of it while really encouraging it.  What fourteen your old kid wanted to change the floors.  So it really started from an early age.

I was also known for throwing parties.  All my friends from school wanted to get invited to “Russo’s Party” but I just couldn’t have them all because it was at my house.  Again, my parents encouraged it.  From a very early age I always knew I would do something with decorating or parties.  As a child I didn’t know about being a wedding planner or party planner – that came later in life.  Instinctively I knew this was the path I would take and embraced it.

I can see that you also have a passion for what you do – whether it’s one of your appearances on the View or Wendy Williams and people definitely pick up on that.  How much does this help your business?

I also think having a passion helps, but keeping in mind that not everyone can afford to be as extravagant, so I like to also offer ideas for how to get that theme or maximize their value.


Tell me some about your celebrity clients or events which have been more extravagant, where a budget isn’t a big deal.

Obviously, I’m known for planning Kevin Jonas’ wedding, where there was no exact budget, but everyone really has a budget – a number in mind, a breaking point – but his wedding was one of my favorites because I was allowed to be creative.  They had a direction – winter wonderland – which was easy in a sense to create, but it was the small details which made it come alive.

Also, Joey Fatone’s wedding was truly one of my favorites, because he had a full blown carnival theme, from bumper cars to the band Smash Mouth.  He clearly wanted to have a very fun wedding.

Many people want to have fun weddings while not straying too far from tradition.  So it’s also interesting to see where everything ends up.

With spring on the horizon, what are some of your top entertaining or décor tips for a city girl on the go?

I would say, obviously bringing spring inside.  Spring can be still beautiful, but still a little chilly.  I have a funny feeling it might be that way this year.  Bringing some outside elements inside.  Bring sunflower plants, fresh tulips, azalea bush or hyacinth plant inside because those plants will last as opposed to fresh flowers.  Bringing natural elements inside is a great way to connect with the season.

What’s your favorite brand of candle and what methods do you recommend to bring scents into the home?

Votivo, because their scents are beautiful, but not overpowering.  Personally, I have an aversion to strong scents, so they’re perfect.  A great way to throw a scent around the house is use of essential oils like lavender or a citrus and put it in a spring bottle to maximize its use.

You’re a stylish man.  What are your top five must haves for the men of New York?

Definitely fitted shirts, fitted pants, polished shoes, bowties are essential.  Good grooming is important, if you have facial hair, be groomed, be presentable.

You’re a successful planner with a growing business.  You have a television show, you’re popular and outgoing and well-liked.  What is your advice to those trying to make it in today’s world?

Be authentically who you are.  Don’t try to emulate or be someone else.  People see through that.  When you’re true to who you are and have a passion for something, the success will come to you because others will see your unique style.  Far too often, people try to be someone else and that doesn’t work. It took me a while to get my own show, because it took me a while to learn that.

What’s up next for you?

Fingers crossed, season two of my show.  I love the heart of the show and the message of the show.  I truly feel that couples across America of the show can relate to the show, because its true, honest and real.  I’m truly hoping I’m able to continue.

I’ll still do my segments on morning shows.  I have fun stuff in the pipeline, but can’t speak of it just yet.  I have to wait until the celebrity events I’m planning are over, since I’m known for throwing events which are under the radar, which is key.  So it’s lips sealed until after some of these projects are over.

Where do you get inspiration in the city?

It’s about walking around the city.  I love Soho since it’s a great art community with great stores, etc.  I get inspiration from the simplest things – it can be a planter which is outside a store, or it could be something that’s inside that store that catches my eye.

It’s about walking around and also being present while doing it.  That means putting your cell phone down and enjoying your surroundings.  I feel that everyone is so consumed with social media, which I’m guilty of myself, but being present in the moment and noticing beautiful things is important for everyone, no matter what they do.


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