Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka is gluten free and low calorie, making it a great alcoholic choice to reduce bloat and look fabulous in your summer swimsuit. Whether you’re at the beach, a city rooftop or at a backyard barbeque- Ciroc has many recipes to celebrate Independence Day.  Here is some of BELLA’s favorites!

Ciroc Patriot Sangria

Ciroc White Star Peach Cocktail

Ciroc The Patriot Cocktail

Ciroc The Blue Cocktail

Still want more recipes? Use fresh fruits and tea ingredients to create your very own! For more flavor, try grilling fruits and heat up your summer festivities. If you want to spare calories, just eliminate simple syrups or replace with agave nectar. Remember to drink responsibly and celebrate Independence Day with Ciroc Premium-Vodka,  named the “smoothest vodka of the summer” by Tasting Panel!

Tweet me @BostonScarlette your favorite Ciroc recipe. Happy Fourth BELLA’S!

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