Carly Pearce: Taking Country Music by Storm

Country music sensation Carly Pearce is no stranger to the stage; performing has been second nature since she was a little girl. At the age of 16 the Kentucky native dropped out of school, moved to Tennessee to perform five days a week at Dollywood, while continuing to record for various Bluegrass compilation albums. Fast forward a couple of years later and the future star uprooted her life once more with a move to Nashville; since then she hasn’t looked back.

The road to success hasn’t always been a smooth one, at times it was downright discouraging. “I think we all want to feel validated and when you’re repeatedly being told that you’re ‘not good enough’ you start to let those lies creep into your heart,” says Pearce. But knowing music was the only thing she was truly meant to do kept her moving forward.

Last year brought the singer many “firsts,” making it an unforgettable year. As 2018 gets under way, her newest single, “Hide the Wine,” is climbing the charts and life for Pearce looks to be even sweeter. BELLA sat down with the artist and fitness enthusiast to talk about music, her upcoming tours with some of the hottest in the business, and how she plans to stay fit on the road.

You had an amazing 2017; how do you describe that feeling of having all of these achievements come together?

It’s all I’ve ever wanted in my life. To think that I’m getting to live out the dream I had as a little girl is the most precious thing in the whole world; I’m so grateful.

In one word describe 2017.


What was your favorite pinch me moment?

My song “Every Little Thing” going #1!

Who are some of the artist you’ve looked up to as mentors?

Kelsea Ballerini is a dear friend and has been so kind to share so much insight and continually support me. I really admire the way Dolly and Reba have handled their careers.

You’ve shared the stage alongside some of the biggest names in the business; how does it feel when you’re standing alongside musicians you look up to and respect?

To be able to have those opportunities is so special. I always dreamt of collaborating with my heroes and now that some of those have happened, it’s really special for me. I’m such a music lover!

You’re journey hasn’t been without some difficulties; if you could share some advice with your younger self what would that be?

So many things! Most importantly, to not let anyone steal her worth. To keep working and believing in who she knew she was and the artist she knew she wanted to be. AND that everything was going to work out just fine.

This year is looking very bright and it’s only just begun! You’re going on tour with Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts and Dan Shay; how does it feel knowing such big career moments are right around the corner?

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’m such a fan of them and the fact that they thought I was strong enough to be the opening act on their tours is CRAZY!

Have you received any advice from other artists when it comes to touring?

Embrace the “new normal” and realize it’s a very unconventional way to live but also super fun. Make sure you really love your band as people, because they become your family and your roommates!

I imagine living on a tour bus takes a toll on your daily routine. As someone who is into health and fitness, how do you plan to stay fit on the road?

I find a gym in every town and that’s what I do first thing in the morning with some of my band. I also always find a grocery store and stock the fridge so I can maintain the eating routine I have when I’m at home.

Is there anything in particular you know you won’t be able to leave home without?

My running shoes.

Even though you’ve been making music for many years you have a long career ahead which is exciting. At the end of the day, what type of musical legacy do you want to leave behind?

When you think of the female artists who made an impact on country music in 50 or 100 years, I want my name to be included.

At BELLA our tagline is, “Beauty as Defined by You” – how do you define beauty?

Confidence and self worth that is unwavering.

Finish this sentence, I am happiest when….

I’m on the road living out my dreams of being a female in country music OR when I’m on my couch in my PJ’s with a homemade dinner and a glass of wine!


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