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By Dr. Robi Ludwig

I recently had the opportunity to interview two lovely ladies venturing into the luxury resale market: Bonnie Levine and Stephanie Pietromonaco. This dynamic duo has been friends since early childhood, and now in their 40s, they have gone through quite a few career changes together. When they recalled an “a-ha” moment they shared over lunch with friends, it was no surprise to me that it lead to a professional endeavor that has established them as eco-friendly fashionistas.

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Like any smart businesswomen, Levine and Pietromonaco started their business to fill a void in the NYC luxury market. As they sat with a group of girlfriends discussing what they should do with their out-of-season items, their business was born. Their solution: Re-sell them to up-and-coming fashionistas, and garner some return on their investment.

And so, their first eBay site was born when the two friends realized they could start a business by reselling friends’ and families’ gently used – sometimes still with the tags – luxury designer products and earn a commission.  Levine’s degree in accounting, combined with Pietromonaco’s photography degree and years working in the advertising world, would prove to be invaluable.

In a crowded resale market, what sets Crave Luxury Consignment apart from the competition is the passion and vision they have for their store, plus the way they make shoppers feel. After sitting with them for only a few short moments, I too felt like I could have been friends with them since grade school. They clearly have an eye for beautiful clothes, but more importantly, they know how to provide exemplary customer service. Levine and Pietromonaco take the time to answer all of their buyers’ questions in a timely and prompt manner and will even adjust prices when possible.

This personalized approach has helped the owners cultivate a unique clothing owner-to-clientele relationship, making CraveLuxuryConsignment.com a favorite go-to site amongst chic women who want to feel and look their best at a more economical price point.

Levine and Pietromonaco bring their respective professional backgrounds in business, along with their stellar artistic eye, to carefully curate authentic, quality clothes that have a classic or edgy quality. Whatever magic these ladies are weaving, it’s working, because their clients include New York City’s high profile socialites, TV personalities, artists, and designers, as well as the “Ladies who Lunch” crowd. 

“We have access to the closets of many women whose wardrobes we admire … women who wanted to recycle their clothing … women who lost weight or are moving. We love their style and their lifestyles, and we want to bring their closets to fashion fanatics like us who ‘crave’ luxury, but don’t always want to pay retail prices.”

The Crave co-owners intuitively understand that well-made, well-designed clothing can enhance a woman’s appearance and empower her to achieve her goals. I think we can all agree that when a woman is confident, she radiates a special kind of beauty and glow. 

We love how luxury makes a woman feel, that’s why we wanted to make it affordable for everyone.”

CraveLuxuryConsignment.com appeals to three distinct buyers; which are you?

The Fashion Fanatic: The woman who takes care of herself. She craves luxury and the lifestyle but can’t necessarily afford full retail.

The Eco-Conscious Fashionista: She’s conscious of the environment. She cravesluxury fashion that’s sensitive to recycling, reusing, and repurposing.

The Haute Hoarder: She follows the runway collections and is obsessed with finding a particular item. She cravesluxury collections and will scour the Internet and resale stores until she finds it.

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