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Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere!

| July 27, 2015 | Reply

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I was given an opportunity to attend the 2015 #BlogHer Event at the Hilton this past Friday. I went in with a pretty open mind given the fact that i had no experience to base my assumptions on. I had never been to a conference and until then hadn’t realized that bloggers had such a large dedicated community. There were all types of women there that you would never think like to sit behind a computer and type for fun. The variety ranged from blogger moms, to teens, to celebrity bloggers like Gwenyth Paltrow, and even baby bloggers taking over the internet! Seeing all of these people sharing their love for blogging all in one place was truly inspiring day that i won’t soon forget.

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Let me just start by saying, getting my event pass had to be the highlight of the entire event for me! Seeing my name on a pass with a job title on it held some importance to me. I liked the feeling of being someone with a position. It felt like it was a foreshadowing of my future career, ya know? Everything else was just a plus! Speaking of plus, the #BlogHer gift bag was exciting. A few things that came inside the gift bag were Skimmies slip shorts which are honestly a necessity, a Lyft coupon which is $15 of 3 rides from a ride-sharing service very similar to Uber put a more fun, friendly, interactive one, a super cool all-in-one school supplies case that looked like a large pencil with a highlighter in place of the led, and lastly which was not included in the gift bag but the wonderful Vanessa Coppes, BELLA‘s Social and Digital Media Strategist, was able to charm her way into getting us free Dunkin Donuts travel cups!!!

We went to the Expo they  were having where we got to meet some celebrities as well as get samples from our favorite hair and skincare companies. We met Sheryl Underwood who was promoting her new  “underwareness” leakage protection underwear, we met country singer Billy Currington, and my personal favorite, Sunkiss Alba, a YouTube Makeup Beauty Guru, who looked even more gorgeous in person. It was so nice seeing all of these people who are always in the spotlight within arms reach of me. They were all so warm, and a lot more  approachable than I thought.

The conference was a very refreshing experience for me. It exposed me to a world that I never knew existed. It’s actually pretty darn cool! Blogging gives you an opportunity to speak your voice in a safe space. You create a blog and make it your own and no one can say anything about it because its all YOU! This conference may have even planted a seed inside of me as a possible blogger…You never know. Just keep a look out for #BlogHer2016!

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Hi my name is Nazhaya Barcelona and I’m a summer 2015 intern at Bella New York Magazine. I am seventeen years old and will be a Senior next fall at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in Harlem, NY. I am a dancer and photographer. I hope to study marketing/ merchandising and possibly Communications in college. I am thrilled to be interning at Bella as a High School Student. It’s such an incredible opportunity that I will definitely keep with me through the years.

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