Flyblade, Inc. (“BLADE”), the fast growing, digitally-powered aviation company, announced today the launch of their second season of BLADEone, an innovative, by-the-seat jet service between Manhattan (or Westchester) and Miami that was first introduced in December 2015. Important refinements further amplify BLADE’s unmatched customer experience which leverages mobile technology and a private network of six well-appointed lounges in three states enabling travelers to enjoy what truly is the next generation of jet travel. 

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Flyers on the inaugural flight of the 2017 season will depart by helicopter on Thursday, December 1st from Manhattan’s BLADE Lounge West directly to the side of the new BLADEone Jet and will arrive in Miami in time for the kickoff of Art Basel weekend. After the launch of the BLADEone program, service will continue on a weekly basis through April 16th, with flights departing Manhattan at 9AM on Friday mornings and returning from Miami Sundays at 4PM. Flyers also have the option of departing from or returning directly to Westchester for all BLADEone Miami flights.

The New BLADEone

This season, BLADEone will be utilizing a Bombardier CRJ 200 commercial airline jet that is typically configured to accommodate up to 60 passengers, but has been retrofitted for only 16 passengers.

With only one seat on each side of the cabin, BLADEone flyers will have the added benefit of privacy during their flight, as opposed to the more communal atmosphere of a standard private jet, which is designed for interaction between close friends and colleagues. However, given the common area space afforded by the retrofit, passengers will also have the opportunity to socialize with other flyers, if they so choose.

“Given the large size of BLADEone’s interior, passengers have the option to maintain their privacy or enjoy a more communal flying experience. This unique aircraft allows BLADE to provide passengers with superior service and more enjoyable trip when compared to other shuttle services aboard small private aircraft,” says Melissa Tomkiel, President of Fixed Wing Operations, BLADE. “With the absence of awkward seating configurations, such as benches or seats aside office-style tables, our aim is for BLADEone flyers to have an experience much more reminiscent of the MGM Grand of yesteryear than typical shared private jet shuttles.”

Attractive Pricing

The price for a one-way ticket on BLADEone has been reduced to $1,795 for the 2017 season, as compared to $2,250 last year. BLADE Bounce helicopter service from Manhattan to the side of the BLADEone jet in Westchester will be available for an additional $250 per person. It is complimentary for Art Basel weekend both to Miami and on returns to Manhattan. As always, there are no membership fees required to purchase any of BLADE’s offerings.


BLADE’s Strategic Relationship with Faena Miami Beach

Additionally, all flyers purchasing two roundtrip BLADEone seats will receive a complimentary oceanfront room for the weekend at Faena Hotel Miami Beach as well as ground transportation between BLADE’s Miami Lounge and the hotel. Guests at the Faena enjoy a dedicated Faena Butler who will assist with every need and spacious balconies with ocean views as well as Carrera marble bathrooms and standalone soaking tubs. Faena is home to two incredible oceanside restaurants, Los Fuegos by celebrated South American chef Francis Mallmann and Pao by James-Beard award-winning Paul Qui, as well as Tierra Santa Healing House spa, a South American-inspired oceanfront oasis of holistic rejuvenation. Rounding out the hotel’s incredible amenities is a glamorous 150-seat cabaret-style theater which houses its own highly acclaimed original production, C’est Rouge! a sensual and seductive revue of singular vignettes set to Latin American and jazz rhythms.

On holiday weekends, your stay will include a third night without additional cost (including this upcoming Art Basel weekend). 

New Partners and In-flight Collaborations

In addition to the partnership with Faena, the new season of BLADEone service will be marked by exciting new design collaborations, including the appointment of Cynthia Rowley and Sarah Jessica Parker as the Official Designers of the 2017 BLADE C/X Team. Mrs. Rowley designed the C/X Team apparel and Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP designed custom footwear. Each designer worked closely with the BLADE team to offer a fresh interpretation on the aviation uniform, which will be worn by flight attendants as well as other members of BLADE’s C/X Team both in the air and in all BLADE Lounges in three states. Select items from the collections will also be available for purchase on the BLADE website and app.

 Rowley’s look, an exclusive bonded suede bell sleeve dress, with both glamourous design and wearable practicality, marries a vintage 60’s “Catch Me if You Can” feel with the modern jet set lifestyle. “I see the BLADE staff as superheroes,” she says, adding that she took her inspiration for the design from her own experience with the BLADE services.

“BLADE literally changed my life,” says Rowley. “On Fridays during the summer the kids would be waiting for me in Montauk, while I was still at the studio in Manhattan. I can literally jump on a BLADE helicopter or seaplane and be at the beach within the hour. Time is the most precious thing you have as a busy mom.”

For the complementary footwear, Sarah Jessica Parker updated one of her classic and most-coveted SJP Collection silhouettes exclusively for BLADE. The block-heeled Mary Jane, known as the “Tartt,” will be featured in one of her collection’s most recognizable glitter fabrics – “Scintillate.” As a special touch just for BLADE, Sarah Jessica drew inspiration from the uniform neckties designed by Cynthia Rowley, detailing each shoe with a stripe of custom ribbon up the back. 

“Working with BLADE is such a huge opportunity for our small team and allows us to expand in new ways while working with Cynthia, who I’ve known and admired for years,” said Parker. “I know first-hand that the BLADE women are lovely from head to toe, and therefore we are so proud our shoes will play a small part in this big and growing operation.”

The Line ( has stylized BLADEone’s interior with its carefully selected assortment of fashion, home, and beauty items as part of a new partnership with BLADE. Beginning in BLADEone flyers traveling to and from Miami will now experience The Line’s signature contextual approach to style throughout their flight 

This year’s dopp kit was designed by Henri Bendel. Curated by The Line, it contains a unique selection of next-generation personal care products including Tula Probiotic Skincare products.

Finally, VieVité has now been named the official rosé of BLADE for 2017. The modern, fruit-forward expression of a dry rosé wine from Côtes de Provence, cultivated in a beautiful valley just outside Saint Tropez. For over three years, BLADE’s official rosé served in their iconic “sippy cups” has been an unofficial toast to the start of every flight.



BLADE is the leading mobile application for aviation, enabling consumers to easily create flights or book seats for crowdsourced helicopter, seaplane, turboprop plane and jet travel between the New York area and popular regional destination including The Hamptons, The Jersey Coast, Nantucket.  Co-founded in 2014 by former Sony executive Rob Wiesenthal and tech entrepreneur and Microsoft executive Steve Martocci.

In Fall of 2015, the company launched BLADE Bounce, the very first on-demand helicopter service providing flights to all New York area airports with guaranteed departures in as little as 20 minutes.

During December 2015, BLADE announced BLADEone weekly jet service between Manhattan or Westchester and its flagship lounge in Miami, Florida. As part of its second season, BLADE’s Miami hub will also be offering intra-Florida flights as well as flights between Miami, the Bahamas, and Cuba.

Crucial to its success is an unparalleled pre-flight customer experience within its network of six well-appointed lounges in three states, the ability to book on a per seat or crowdsource basis as well as a highly-visible and effective brand proposition that had never been achieved before in short-distance aviation.

Fly Blade, Inc. is not a direct air carrier. Fly Blade acts as an indirect air carrier for public charter flights from New York to Miami, with charter flights operated by Corporate Flight Management, Inc. or other qualified airlines. Please refer to the Operator-Participant Agreement at For other flights, Blade acts as the agent of the airline, with helicopter flights arranged by Blade being operated by various operators including Liberty Helicopter, Zip Aviation, and other FAA/DOT licensed operators and fixed-wing flights operated by Lima NY Corp. or other FAA/DOT licensed operators. In addition, for flights to any destinations that are charters of the entire aircraft capacity, Blade acts as the agent of the customer. 

To learn more, please visit us at or @flyblade (Instagram) and @flybladenow (Twitter).




Cynthia Rowley is a leading global lifestyle brand sold in branded collection boutiques as well as in department, specialty and online stores worldwide. The Cynthia Rowley brand currently includes a ready-to-wear collection with additional categories including swimsuits, wetsuits, beauty, jewelry, fragrance, leg wear, stationery, tech accessories, Rowley Eyewear featuring collections for both men and women, handbags, home furnishings, and ROWLEY, a recently launched fitness collection including bags and fitness accessories.


For more information or to follow Cynthia Rowley, visit: or @Cynthia_Rowley. 


 Launched in February 2014 by Sarah Jessica Parker and George Malkemus III, the SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker collection is a growing fashion label based in NYC. The collection was built upon three main pillars: quality, using color as a neutral, and giving the single sole a new heartbeat. Each shoe in the collection is handcrafted in Italy by a third-generation Tuscan shoemaker – a luxury shoe offered at a fair price point. The collection is comprised of classic, timeless silhouettes meant to fit into a woman’s life for many years to come.

For more information or to follow SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, visit or



The Line places style in context. Through, The Apartment by The Line in New York and Los Angeles, and seasonal stores such as The Line – Chicago (open through January 2017), the pre-eminent specialty retailer offers fashion, home, and beauty items selected to enrich a life well-lived.

The Line is part of Assembled Brands, a modern holding company that provides expertise, talent, and business development to emerging designers and companies building important, lasting brands. Learn more at


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