Injuries are an unfortunate byproduct of exercising for fitness enthusiasts and dabblers alike. Figuring out how to recover properly can feel more challenging than enduring the original injury. Then when you hit up your local  physical therapy office, you feel more like you have entered a recovery factory than a place that can actually help you heal.  In my own personal search for individualized care for an injury, I luckily discovered Bespoke Treatments. My experience compelled me to share this physical therapy gem with the BELLA New York readers!

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The founders of Bespoke Treatments, Philippos Kyriacou and Dan Giordano, have created a luxe and high-quality physical therapy experience that is tailored to each individual patient with an attention to detail, privacy and quality. Bespoke Treatments has not just earned rave reviews from me but also from many leaders in the medical and fitness worlds alike.  unnamed-3

Everyone Is Unique, So Are Their Injuries

The co-founders of Bespoke noticed that there were many holes in the current physical therapy environment in New York City. With their impressive backgrounds and keen observations, Philippos Kyriacou and Dan Giordano created a solution that become Bespoke Treatments.

Co-founder Dan Giordano received his Doctor of Physical Therapy at New York University and has worked with many professional, NCAA, and Olympic athletes as well as supermodels and Broadway performers. Giordano is on many impressive medical teams including several years for the USA Track & Field outdoor and indoor championship meets. Giordano’s fellow co-founder, Philippos Kyriacou, is a sports and exercise physiologist who played professional rugby.

Kyriacou and Giordano were passionate about reversing what they saw as a growing prioritization of bottom lines and financial care over patient care. With financial gains as a focus, they believe that physical therapy has been more about creating uniform care that simply chases the pain and treats the symptoms. The unique causes of the patients’ problems get ignored in this process.

Dan Giordano

As Kyriacou explained, “We approach our care in knowing that everyone is unique and we need to treat them that way. The only way to do so is to spend some real quality time getting to know the patient emotionally and physiologically, understand the stressors in their life, evaluate movement patterns and really get the root cause of why the symptoms exist.”  All of the therapists and trainers at Bespoke Treatments are equally dedicated and passionate about providing one-on-one care and medical success for their clients.

Take The Time, Do It Right

Bespoke Treatments is dedicated to devoting the hours and energy to each patient in order to create a custom made treatment plan to help relieve the pain and symptoms while also addressing the ultimate reason for the injury.  Dan Giordano believes that it is essential to go beyond just targeting the injury itself. He explained, “It is essential to treat the body as a whole and we focus our attention on the patient’s overall lifestyle at Bespoke not just the specific problem that brought them in to our office.” With this approach, they are seeing people at a drastically reduced frequency than originally prescribed. As Kyriacou elaborated: “Patients are feeling better far sooner, but are also empowered to manage their movement patterns and stressors to effectively free of pain and movement disfunction.” 


Dan Giordano at work with patients at Bespoke Treatments.


Luxe Goes A Long Way  

When setting up Bespoke Treatments, Kyriacou and Giordano wanted to create a luxe environment to further enhance the healing and empowerment process. As you enter the space, you feel as though you are entering a high-end fitness studio thanks to the upscale decor and freshly scented candles.  This modern environment effectively reflects the founders’ goal of creating a lifestyle brand over another average “mom and pop” medical practice. Bespoke Treatments also offers personal training and will soon offer massage therapy and acupuncture as well as nutrition and life coaching. 

My Bespoke Experience
On a personal note, I have been unsuccessfully recovering from a knee injury and corresponding surgery for over two years. Although I had been running for over twenty years, my inability to receive the proper care was starting to convince me that my days of logging miles in Central Park were over. Then I met Philippos Kyriacou and Dan Giordano at Bespoke Treatments. I was impressed by their authentic concern for my injury. Giordano’s expertise, individualized attention, and specialized care for my injury has left me confident that I will run again soon. At Bespoke you are treated like a world-class athlete even if your only recovery goal is to return to your regular morning jog.
Bespoke Treatments is located at Bryant Park, 295 Madison Avenue Suite 1826, New York City. To learn more and schedule an appointment, check out their website,, and also follow them on Instagram @BespokeTreatments.

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