#BELLATV: BELLA to the Core-Mindfulness with Judy Banks


Stress and job burnout are among the leading causes of poor physical and mental health, leaving many people suffering from anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.

In her early twenties and early thirties, back in the 70s & 80s Judy Banks worked on Wall Street. She worked hard, partied hard, chain smoked, and loved every minute of it.

Self-Care was not a conversation. As her life got a bit more serious, she got married and  had children, Judy realized that she needed to clean up her act. She needed to be responsible.

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She found out that artificial food coloring was the root cause of hyperactivity in her oldest son, she started to do more research and to educate herself. She began to pay attention to the details, she became more mindful about not just what she ate, but how she lived.

Mindfulness not only reduces stress but also gently builds an inner strength so that future stressors have less impact on our happiness and physical well-being.

Judy says that often, “The missing piece in our lives, is the missing peace in our lives.”

Today, Judy’s work focuses on the mind-body connection and stress-management, offering men and women a logical and sustainable approach to creating a more balanced, healthy and meaningful life.

Join BELLA TV host Vanessa Coppes on this week’s episode of BELLA to the Core as she talk mindfulness with stress management expert and founder of Balance Your Life, Judy Banks.

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