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BELLA’s Haute and Healthy Cookbook List for the Home Cook

| July 15, 2014 | Reply

Whether you bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan or bake it… may determine if you are a fashionable foodie or great home cook today. Why is that? Well lately, a healthy diet or food regimen has dominated what is culinary correct for the kitchen table. Frying in any form has taken a back seat to most cooking techniques. People are experimenting with many different ways to celebrate their bodies, cultures and culinary beliefs. And one thing that seems to be have transcended from trend to fashion… is eating healthy.

The summer weather inspires us to cook and embrace that healthier lifestyle…but we still want flavor! So grab a copy of these suggested cookbooks and set your culinary passions on fire. Bella knows “A Girls Gotta Eat”, and sometimes that has to be at home. So when your not visiting one of our “A List” Restaurants… try out a recipe from one of these Haute Cookbooks. We have put together a list to make ever Bella a fashionable foodie and home cook!

Top of the List…


Author: Bryant Terry

Style: Makes Sustainable Southern Food Cool for the Summer.

BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List

Bryant Terry is a food activist and educator that defies those who think vegan cuisine, is boring. Afro-Vegan gives recipes that celebrate traditional African Diaspora foods remixed with a Global influence. Every dish is served with a sustainable and healthy ingredient list. Terry even introduces the beauty of toasting your own spices! And with recipes for Texas Caviar on Grilled Rustic Bread, Pomegranate Peach Barbecue Sauce, Sweet Potato Granola with Molasses Glazed Walnuts, and Tamarind Sweet Tea, the Afro-Vegan makes the top of our list. The summer heat has nothing on his recipes… and guest will melt when they are handed an Ambrosia Ice Pop. Bryant Terry is featured in a documentary Soul Food Junkies: and trust me, it only takes one of those Ambrosia Ice Pops to become a Bryant Cook Book Junkie.


(Foodie Facts: Make sure to buy ORGANIC spices to avoid irradiation. Organic spices are steamed during the sterilization. Traditional spices are most highly irradiated products on the market. Also keep in mind that glass bottles are free of BPA, unlike most plastic bottles.)

Book 2: The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, and Book 3: One Bite at a Time

Author: Rebecca Katz, Matt  Edelson (author of both)

Style: Rebecca is Considered the Top Chef of the Culinary Medicinal World.

BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List  BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List

Rebecca Katz founded the Healing Kitchen Institute and is known for her unique medicinal approach in the kitchen. These two books have sat on my shelf a long time. But recently, I gifted them to my father when I learned he had Pancreatic Cancer. The two are perfect when bought together, as they represent a holistic approach to fighting cancer and a support system to survive it. There is power in food and friends. The Cancer Fighting Kitchen gives recipes to accompany each medical phase of fighting cancer. Think of it as your best friend holding your hand as you seek chemotherapy of other treatments needed. One Bite at a Time provides recipes with immune building ingredients: that everyone will love to eat.  Set the table and plan to share your survival stories over everything from Salmon Salad with Caper Salsa, Baby Dumpling Squash Stuffed with Rice Medley and Ginger Ale with Grape Cubes!

(Foodie Fact: Tomatoes are like the Queen’s Guard for DNA, protecting the cells from damage that can lead to cancer. BPA is commonly used in the lining to seal cans, so sticking to glass jars if the safest way to consume tomatoes or from your organic garden.)


Book 4: The Flexitarian Table

Author: Peter Berley

Style: Making the kitchen table flexible and healthy.

BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List

The culinary scene has become as diverse as the people who consume it. We have vegans, beegans, gleegans, sproutarians, fruitarians, juice-arians, vegetarians, pescatarians, meat eaters and more. Peter Berley’s The Flexitarian Table is a go to source for the Home Cook to settle the question of “What’s for dinner”?

Restaurants have started a flexible menu and Peter Berley gives you the Flexitarian Table suitable for all kitchens. Inside you will find recipes that are convertible: one meal that can easily be adapted and served to each proclaimed food lifestyle. It is a cook book designed to make everyone happy and healthy. And with recipes like Cucumber Lie Raita, Naan Bread, Lentil and Rhubarb Curry with Potatoes and Peas, and the option to serve with Grilled Chicken… how can you not be happy?
Peter Berley also teaches cooking online and at his North Fold Kitchen and Garden.


(Foodie Fact: Use Sea Salt and Lemons to bring out the natural flavors in almost any dish. Table Salt is bleached and unhealthy. Sea Salt acts like little scrubbers to release the natural flavors. Lemons add flavor and when brushed on eggshells before boiling eggs, will help prevent them from cracking.)

Book 5: Vegan Chocolate

Author: Fran Costigan

Style: Queen of Vegan Desserts

BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List

Fran Costigan is known as the “Queen of Vegan Desserts” and as one tough cookie that teaches the Vegan Baking Boot camp at Natural Gourmet Institute. I have both taken and assisted Fran as her Stagier at this boot camp: so I can attest that she is the “Queen”. Her latest book “Vegan Chocolate” says it all in the subtitle “Unapologetically luscious and decadent dairy-free desserts”. I have tasted many of these recipes and tested many unsuspecting party goers with them in hand. I never tell them it’s vegan until they ask for seconds… they sit in disbelief, but keep eating them. Fran Costigan’s recipes are simply the best… no one can compete. So throw in the towel and put on some oven mits and start baking Fran’s Brooklyn Blackout Cake and make some Bittersweet Cashew Cream Truffle Squares! You will only be disappointed when they are all gone.

(Foodie Fact: Dark chocolate is rich in anti oxidants, but make sure to always get 75% of higher to achieve all the benefits.)


Book 6: Lucid Food

Author: Louisa Shafia

Style: Eco-conscious Elegant Seasonal Cooking

BELLA's Haute and Healthy Cookbook List

Chef Louisa Shafia introduces seasonal eating with elegant dishes. She makes it easy to be a conscientious eater without having to think too much about how to cook…just follow her recipes. Enjoy Citrus Marmalade made with Kumquats for breakfast toast, Green Rice with Chicken, Tamarind Ketchup on your next Veggie Burger and Lavender Cream on your next dessert… eating will never be the same again!  You get to take basic food groups and turn them into designer dishes.


(Foodie Fact: The Tamarind Ketchup Recipe is great to replace the processed ketchup from the grocery store and taste so much better! There is no Red No. 5 that has been linked to cancer: and even better, it is rich in fibers that stick to toxins to protect the colon mucous membrane from cancer causing chemicals.)


We hope you enjoy cooking healthy this summer, make sure to tweet me @BostonScarlette your favorite healthy cooking tips!

Bryant Terry | Rebecca Katz | Peter Berley | Fran Costigan | Louisa Shafia 


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