Bella’s Beauty for All Campaign is a mission to bring beauty and light to people battling diseases. For a cancer patient that might mean a hand woven wig or a make-up service. Feeling beautiful is an experience and it is Bella’s mission is to bring beauty to all.”

Bella On Demand’s Beauty for All Campaign has launched! It is their goal to raise funds for Survivor Glam Squad this holiday season. Please CLICK HERE  to learn more and donate to this important cause.

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Bella is a high-end beauty booking service for women and men who simply want to look and feel beautiful and are not willing to settle for anything less than fabulous. Bella and its salon/spa partners have created looks for fashion designers, magazines, models, actors and Hollywood.  Say goodbye to booking a blowout a week in advance or feeling disappointed by a service that fell short of incredible. Say hello to a best-in-­class stylist at your door whether you are rocking your heels at work or your comfy slippers and silk robe at home. With a few taps you can have a renowned stylist at your door, no fuss, just comfort. When you are done, no need to fish around for cash, your credit card is on file with Bella’s state of the art application built with Titanium technology for iPhone and Android devices.

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