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BELLA Hampton’s White Party 2015

| August 12, 2015 | Reply


BELLA’S 2015 Hampton’s White Party was every word synonymous to extravagant. It was definitely a lot of hard work getting everything prepared but it was well worth it by the end of the night.

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The Bella team arrived at the South Hamptons,  Capri Hotel, at around 11:30 am. People were already moving, workers were setting up furniture and decor for the event later on that evening. We immediately got to work. We started unloading the gift bags to its designated room, setting up the sections for VIP, which happened to be the well known Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and hanging up all the gorgeous photos of our party host, Lisa Vanderpump from her shoot for her feature/cover in BELLA Magazine.

The hours leading up to the party became very lively. People were dashing in and out of bathrooms changing out of their arrival clothes and into their white outfits. I was starting to feel my excitement heighten as the time got closer. The other interns and I were in charge of the guest list and checking people in. That job was pretty cool considering I got to be less than a foot away from some celebrities like Jenna Ushkowitz, GLEE actress, to check them into the party.

Around 4 pm, the guest started arriving. I’m sure they were thinking “The early bird gets the worm” but not in this case. The interns and I were given strict instruction not to let anyone in before 5 pm. So we had to turn a few people away until then. We had encounters with a few people who weren’t too happy about that and gave us a little attitude but I guess it was okay, it comes with the territory.

The venue was finally set, and it was time to PARTY! Checking people in was becoming difficult as they started arriving in bigger groups and closer in time. We just wanted to make sure we got everyone in as quickly as possible.  As we were checking people in, I was also checking out their outfits! Everyone looked stunning. Some women came in very sleek form fitting dresses, and others came in either a pantsuit or a very classy flowing dress or skirt. The accessories were my personal favorite! Since it was an All-White Party, you had to incorporate some color in there somehow! There were so many statement shoes at the party. The ladies set their outfits perfectly with pops of color on their feet, purses and Jewelry. There were blues,oranges, pinks, reds, greens, and of course with colorful shoes comes…COLORFUL LIPS!!! Oh boy, who would’ve guessed it?

The event was overall fantastic. Bravo, E news, OK! Tv, and many more came out to cover this event. Daniel and Courtenay Hall definitely did a phenomenal job throwing their annual White Party. I’m looking forward to seeing how they top their party next year! The Housewives were the most popular guests at the party and I was a little starstruck when the cameras came out and they walked past us into the party. I have to say, the BELLA Hampton’s White Party was definitely the party of the year.

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Hi my name is Nazhaya Barcelona and I’m a summer 2015 intern at Bella New York Magazine. I am seventeen years old and will be a Senior next fall at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in Harlem, NY. I am a dancer and photographer. I hope to study marketing/ merchandising and possibly Communications in college. I am thrilled to be interning at Bella as a High School Student. It’s such an incredible opportunity that I will definitely keep with me through the years.

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