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This week the new BELLA Hampton’s Issue came into our office hot off the press. It was the first magazine I had ever had a part in making which was very exciting. I had never before seen my name in a contributor’s section or seen pictures on a glossy page that I had been at the photo-shoot in which they were taken. I was ecstatic to know I had helped produce something that over 300,000 women in New York would read and even learn something from. I know I personally learned something from reading the issue.


This upcoming weekend I will be going to Southampton to stay with some friends to celebrate the 4th of July. As I was planning my weekend with some of my girlfriends, they asked if I knew of any fun places we could go for food in the Hamptons. I couldn’t think of anywhere at first. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and have only been to the Hamptons on a couple of occasions, and never for a great length of time. I tried to look online, but there were too many results to sort through. That was when I remembered that the Hamptons Issue had a Her Hamptons Favorites section. So immediately I ripped through my room to find if there was anything interesting in the newest issue that we would find interesting. The words “favorite breakfast” and “favorite dessert” jumped off the page. I told my friends about the Sip ‘n Soda Luncheonette and Sant Ambreous Southampton. Everyone was one hundred percent happy to try out these two places. I look forward to tasting a little bit of what BELLA considers good food when I go to Southampton this weekend!

On top of finding just delicious food options, the issue also offered me some helpful travel advice. In the summer, like most women, I tend to struggle with frizzy hair and a sweaty face due to the scorching heat. I really did not want to deal with this while in the Hamptons because I was going to be seeing a lot of old friends. When I was trying to think of how I could fix this issue without a bathroom, it hit me that I had seen something for both of these problems in the Beauty Scene section while I had been editing the issue in previous weeks. I ended up ordering the Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets and cannot wait to try them out. The Hamptons Issue was both exciting for me to see, as well as crucial to making my Fourth of July weekend one to remember!


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