“Bella” has become synonymous with “Girl On The Go”, and we love a great getaway from our daily routines. What could we possibly love more? A designer who understands how we live and how we play. Jia Li created the Jia Collection for the “Girl On The Go”, by being versatile in function: both in design and fabric. Every piece has at least two ways to wear it, if not more. The fabrics consist mostly of knits, so no need to iron. Love that!

Comfort, fashion and function all in one garment: it’s a Bella’s dream. Jia Li is a fashion visionary and is worn by so many celebrities, but she can be worn by anyone. The other week, I visited her showroom to see first hand how this reversible and convertible concept could work for a Bella Girl. It was hard to narrow down my top picks for a “Girl On The Go” Getaway, but here they are styled upon Yacht Justine…


ELENA PULLOVER by Jia Collection

Wear with bikini bottom and Mirrored Ray Bans from Wise Vision, for a  quick warm feeling after an Adriatic Swim: or pair with white knee length shorts for a chic inland shopping spree.

Jia Li Collection Elena Pullover (Reversible)  Jia Collection Elena Pullover



The Dominika Poncho is styled as the ultimate socialite on Yacht Justine… you can lounge in it and take it from yacht to an international night club. Keeping the look monotone is sleek and the neutral color lets your inner beauty shine through. The Arianna Cardigan makes a sleek cover up and has an asymmetrical hemline to dress for!

Jia Li Collection Dominika Poncho (Reversible)   Jia Li Collection (Left) Arianna Cardigan with Blue Mirrored Ray Bans, (Right) Dominika Poncho with Gold Mirrored Ray Bans

Jia Collection (Left) Dominika Poncho (Right) Arianna Cardigan

ALDA SHEATH DRESS by Jia Collection

I love the understated elegance of this dress. Wear it one way and become the next “Golden Bella”, or reverse it to white with gold trim: and be a little rebellious at the next white party. Here we belted it for even more personal style. Again… Jia Li is fashion converted to be “beauty defined by you”. That’s what makes her a Bella fave, and will make you a fave on your next getaway.

 Jia Li Collection Alda Sheath Dress (Reversible)

Jia Li Collection Alda Sheath Dress (Reversible)  Jia Li Collection: Alda Reversible Sheath Dress


The Clara cardigan truly is the ultimate investment piece for the Bella “Girl On The Go” Getaway. It can be worn four different ways: zipped showing the blue and white nautical stripes as a dress or reversed for a gold look. Either can be belted or unzipped slightly at the hem for a more flirty evening style. Fully unzip either look…and instantly it creates sleek casual and cozy beach feel paired with leggings or turn it back up and make those metallic leggings. There are endless ways to be a fashion savvy Bella in the Clara.

Jia Li Collection Clara Cardigan (Ultimate Reversible)

For more ways to get the Bella “Girl On The Go” Getaway style, you can visit Jia Collection, Wise Vision and Midtown Authentic. To make it a true vacation… you can charter Yacht Justine and get a spray tan by Bella Organcini (as seen on Lea Rannells). Tweet me your photos wearing Jia Li, would love to see how you define a Bella “Girl On The Go”!

Stylist Boston Scarlette | Photography Courtesy of Joe Epstein | Makeup/Hair Courtesy of Monique Fitzgerald


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