BELLA Chats With E!’s WAGs LA Star Dominique Penn


Sports are widely followed by the public and the players of the NFL are used to constant spotlight. A huge part of their lives, however, that is typically not shown, are the people by their side. E!’s hit show WAGs – Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars LA, sheds a light on the lives of professional athlete’s companions. Dominique Penn, wife of Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn, starred in season 3 of the entertaining reality TV show and tells BELLA all about what it’s like to be married to an NFL star while raising kids and working full-time.

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What was it like starring on E!’s WAGs LA?

Starring on WAGs LA was a blessing and a curse. With social media you gain exposure, and you have people who don’t know you but make all these assumptions about you that are completely untrue. But overall, it was a great experience and I’m really happy I did it!

How do you balance being a mom, actress, store owner and author?

I am now finally investing in some help because honestly, the balance is hard! I don’t have a nanny, so if one person like my cousin or my mom cancels, it completely cancels out my entire day too. Now, I am investing in some help so that I know that my kids are safe and there will be no more cancellations. You do need that support!

When I met Michelle Obama about two years ago, she told me that it’s ok to get help and that we live in a day and age where we shouldn’t be embarrassed to get help, whether we’re a working mom or just have a lot going on in our lives. It’s totally ok to get help!

What’s it like being married to a professional athlete?

It’s been great! Of course the last two years have been a little rocky for us, but overall it’s been really great. I’ve been able to meet a lot of people and make so many amazing connections. When I was going through whatever I was going through publicly, I realized that the women of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and so on, came together to support and uplift each other and I appreciate them so much. Being with someone from the NFL has been one of the greatest attributes of my life because I’ve been exposed to so many lovely people and things.

For all the other women out there with a busy plate, do you have any tips or tricks to maintain a happy and healthy mind and body?

Lots of wine! (laughs)

I think finding time to put yourself first and remembering to take time off is so important. Not only as a mom, but as a working person with a lot going on. Whether it’s going to the spa or even just sleeping in, that’s giving your body and brain time to recharge and that’s vital, especially when you are juggling a lot of different projects.

Who is your fashion idol?

I really like Jeannie Mai’s and Adrienne Bailon’s styles. I love that Adrienne can be super sexy but still cozy chic. I love her style.

What’s your favorite travel spot?

Domestically, I would have to say New York because I haven’t nearly done and seen everything the city has to offer. New York has so much culture! My driver on the way here said that he has lived in NYC for 26 years, yet hasn’t seen everything there is to see in this big city.

Internationally… Caribbean-wise, I would say Jamaica because of the food, and in Europe I haven’t been to that many places, but I would probably choose London!

Watch Dominique on WAGs LA’s season 3 and follow her on Instagram @dominiquepenn_!

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