I can’t believe this is it. This is my final week at BELLA. My summer is coming to a close, and I will soon be off to Paris for a semester. It seems impossible how fast the summer has flown by, but there is still so much to look forward to this week at BELLA. Saturday we have our annual BELLA Celebrity White Party. I am beyond excited for the event. This week at BELLA we have been working hard to finish fixing all the small details that go into hosting a successful event. The biggest issue right now on our plates is whether or not Saturday will give us rain or shine. But we can only pray for shine at this point!

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The BELLA celebrity Hampton’s event has been something I’ve personally been looking forward to all summer, but I had no clue my friends from school would be hearing about it. One of my close friends works for Guest of a Guest and she texted me a picture the other day showing that Guest of A Guest had an article about the upcoming event. She told me how jealous she was that I was going to have the privilege of attending such a fabulous party. It was great to hear that word of the party was getting around to a huge audience.

This week the interns were also able to sit in on the staff meeting, which discussed all the fine details about how the party is going to function. We even had some delicious rice crispy treats made by Treat House to sample. The meeting went great and we were able to piece everything together. We were also given a list of all the presenting sponsors and gift bag sponsors. It was very exciting to see the names of gift bag sponsors that BELLA interns had gotten for the party. Sometimes the preparation work for the event could be tedious, but I could finally see how it all paid off in the end. All of the invites we had stamped and lugged to the post office had led to an amazing guest list. All of the research and sending of emails had given us a wide range of unique gift bag sponsors. Everything finally had come together. I look forward to seeing the turnout and the success of the party this saturday!

Once sunday comes along I will no longer be a BELLA summer 2015 intern. My summer of exploring the city and learning about what it means to run a startup magazine will be over. Even though everything is coming to a close, I know that what I’ve learned here at BELLA will help pay off in the future. I have learned and observed so much by working by the sides of some of BELLA’s best. The experiences I have gained can never be taken away. I arrived to 165 Broadway on June 1st nervous but eager to learn about all the networking, creativity, and dedication that goes into creating a successful magazine. Now, I can proudly say I will leave on Saturday much wiser and educated on the work world individual. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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