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BELLA 2015 White Party Gift Bag? YES PLEASE!

| August 13, 2015 | Reply


BELLA’S annual Hampton’s White Party is quickly approaching us, and by quickly i mean TOMORROW! I’d expect nothing less than fabulous from this party but let me just say, i learned that it’s not all glitz in glam. The team at BELLA went above and beyond to make sure they were delivering incredible gift bags to their guests.

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You would assume putting a gift bag together is simple. You just toss in the gifts make it look presentable and move on to the next bag, right? wrong. We all started out with one bag and by the third bag we realized we were going to have to come up with a packaging system. We all grabbed 10 or more bags, lined them up opened ready to receive gifts and started packing them in 10 at a time. Another thing to keep in mind, these gifts are FAR from sample sizes!

We spent HOURS in the sun unloading boxes of gifts and bags to accommodate 300 guests. We were hot, thirsty, hungry but I can probably speak for everyone when I say we didn’t even care we just wanted to get it done! We drank water as we worked and packed while standing in the heat and after all that hard work, Daniel Hall, BELLA Publisher, bought everyone pizza. I was all over that! I ever so quickly grabbed my two slices of pizza and called it a break!

I think what Impacted me most on this day was seeing how immensely passionate Courtenay and  Daniel Hall were throughout the entire process. They had such a positive attitude. They were so kind and concerned with making sure the rest of the team was okay, they were diligent and focused which allowed our time to go smoother and faster.

The BELLA Hampton’s White Party is definitely going to be the event of the Summer! The guest list is fabulous, the location is gorgeous, and the gift bags are pretty awesome! I look forward to sharing my experience at the party with you guys!

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Hi my name is Nazhaya Barcelona and I’m a summer 2015 intern at Bella New York Magazine. I am seventeen years old and will be a Senior next fall at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in Harlem, NY. I am a dancer and photographer. I hope to study marketing/ merchandising and possibly Communications in college. I am thrilled to be interning at Bella as a High School Student. It’s such an incredible opportunity that I will definitely keep with me through the years.

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