The power that is packed in a tiny tube of red lipstick will never cease to amaze me. One swipe can instantaneously evoke confidence, sex appeal, femininity, and strength – all things that would make any women feel on top of the world. Most of us are aware of this power yet some of us still fear it. I have clients that shy away from red, afraid they are not confident enough for scarlet-stained lips. So now I pose the question: Which came first, the confidence or the lipstick?

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Was Taylor Swift sporting her signature red lip before she became famous? Did Marilyn Monroe, Rita Ora, and Dita Von Teese feel uncomfortable wearing red for the first time, or was it love at first swipe? Does Gwen Stefani use red to match her charisma, or does she reach for her tube when she needs a pick me up? I think that our feelings about red lipstick are continually evolving. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship with red, I challenge you to grab your tools, follow the steps below, and give red a chance. Everyone should experience the power of red at least once in their life!


Step 1

Dust powder over the entire mouth area to absorb any excess moisture. This is a foundational step that is instrumental in keeping your lips defined.


Step 2

Using the side of a lip liner, trace the natural shape of the lips and feather slightly inward, toward the center. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to draw a smooth line by using the side of the pencil instead of the point.


Step 3

Color in the lines with your choice of lipstick. Blot, then repeat. Applying two coats will stain the lips and extend the wear regardless of the lipstick formula.


Step 4

Add a touch of shine to the center (focusing on the bottom lip) to create an irresistible and show stopping “wow” factor. The power is yours!


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