#BehindTheRopes: BELLA New York Hosts Their Influencer Issue Cover Launch Party With Jillian Michaels


On Thursday, March 22, 2018, Jillian Michaels hosted BELLA’s influencer cover launch party at Mr. Jones in SoHo. Guests checked out the latest cover while sipping on 1907 Water and prosecco provided by Prosecco DOC. Genesis Fertility was on hand talking to women about such reproductive treatments at egg freezing. Other sponsors included were University Pain Management Center and Lenox Hill Hospital.

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Doug Wilson (TLC’s Trading Spaces), Monte Bezell (NBC’s “The Blacklist”), Joe “Monk”Pardavila (95.5 WPLJ), Donald Paul (FX’s “Atlanta”), Carter Redwood(actor, “The Long Road Home” & NBC’s “Rise”), Steve Stranulis (Actor/Director “Clinton Road”), Jake Allyn (BET’s “The Quad”), Thalia Almodovar (VH1’s “Beauty Bar”), Heide Lindgren (model), Carey Murphy (model), Dani Seitz (model), Damaris Lewis (model), Courtney Davis (comedian), Olga Namer (comedian), Dr. Tabasum Mir (Bravo’s “The Singles Project”), Any Peeke (TV Host), Valerie Greenberg (lifestyle expert).


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