Rarely do you come across someone as upbeat and amicable as Alexa Ray Joel. Not only does Alexa Ray have an incredible personality, but she also has a beauty like no other. Alexa Ray is one of the most gorgeous celebrities, yet her ability to see the beauty in others gives her a rare true beauty. Since Alexa Ray truly encompasses Bella Magazine’s slogan, it was a conspicuous choice to have her model for Bella’s Fall Fashion Spread.

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The five hour shoot at the W hotel was nothing but pleasurable. Chris Lanston, celebrity makeup artist, was the artist behind Alexa Ray’s natural makeup look. Lanston highlighted Alexa Ray’s gorgeous skin, while making her eyes pop. Meanwhile, stylist Caitlin Monahan dressed Alexa Ray in classy, but stunning outfits.

Apart from posing as a beauty icon to many, Alexa Ray is also a musical inspiration. Her voice is mesmerizing, and her hit single, “Notice Me”, is a great example of that. However, it is not just Alexa Ray’s voice that makes her a musical inspiration, but also her ability to write captivating lyrics.

Alexa Ray Joel is the whole package. Her happy-go-lucky personality made the shoot delightful. To stay updated with Alexa Ray you can follow her instagram and twitter @alexarayjoel. Additionally, be sure to look out for Alexa Ray Joel in BELLA New York’s fall issue.IMG_3330

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