If you’re still sleeping on your college mattress and haven’t adjusted your nighttime beauty routine since “90210” went off the air, wake up! “Beauty sleep is real. Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, which create dark circles under our eyes,” explains Rebecca S. Robbins, author of “Sleep for Success and sleep expert at the Benjamin Hotel in NYC. “Also, our skin’s pH goes down after a night of shortened sleep, reducing moisture and appearance of our skin.”

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If that’s a big eye-opener to you, you’ll want to follow my 1-2-3 steps to slumber success before you hit the pillow tonight.


STEP 1 – The Wind-down


Candice Kumai, celebrity chef and author of “Clean Green Eats” (available June 2015) and “Clean Green Drinks” recommends eating two- to three hours before bedtime and avoiding heavy foods. If you must snack before bed, “Chia seed pudding with a light almond or coconut milk is delish. Plus, the seeds contain tryptophan, which can help you to sleep.”

“Clean Green Drinks” – $17.18, Amazon.com


Nothing relaxes me more than a bubble bath. I’m obsessed with the soothing aroma of Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath Soothe & Sleep with Lavender. The essential oils do wonders while the Epson Salt helps me forget that I have deadlines and other drama waiting for me tomorrow. $5.99, DrTeals.com

 Obagi _PamsPicks

Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City-based dermatologist and author of “Skin Rules,” says we should avoid reading on a computer screen one hour before sleep. Her big beauty must: Peptides. “They stimulate collagen production. If you use a cream with them at night, you will get an extra boost as the body is resting and regenerating.” Try Obagi Professional-C Peptide Complex.

$110, Obagi.com


STEP 2 – The Mood


Lights, camera … wait, I need to sleep! Control is in your hands with USAI Lighting’s LED Color Select recessed lighting, which can be adjusted from cool to warm lighting and dim from 100 percent to 0.1 percent brightness at any time using your iPad or a simple wall-mounted switch plate. There’s a lot of science behind all this, but let me just say it’s a home décor must and worth the hassle of a bedroom renovation. Price upon request – USAILighting.com


Before I put my head on a pillow, I apply Tata Harper Bedime Treatment to my wrists and each side of my neck. The combination of mandarin, sage, and that sleeping beauty queen – lavendar – puts me in the mood for counting sheep.

$50, TataHarpetSkincare.com


STEP 3 – The Props


I’ve spent thousands of dollars on fancy pillows, but it wasn’t until I switched to Technogel that I found a clear winner. Their unique gel application provides unparalleled help with spinal alignment, pressure relief and thermal regulation. Pillows are chosen based on sleep style. $179, TechnogelWorld.com


I always avoid sleeping on my side or belly because it causes unnecessary creases on my face. However, when I was pregnant I had to sleep on my side. My wrinkle fighting solution? Mumbani Fresh Face Pillow. The eye pillow creates a soft buffer between you and your head pillow. $19.99, Mumbani.com

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