Dear Fashion Doctor,

I turned 60 this month, and I feel just fabulous! I work out five times a week and over the last year, I’ve lost 50 lbs. Five years ago I ended a marriage I was unhappy in and recently started dating. I spend time every day making sure I’m presentable and I just love where I am in life presently. My only daughter is getting married to the love of her life in one month. We have 200 guests flying in from all around the world to celebrate her special day, which makes me very happy and proud.

But to be honest, I almost feel as if I’m throwing myself a “Reveal” party in conjunction with her wedding. I have been overweight and unhappy for 10+ years and now that I’m happy and healthy, I find it hard to not want to “show off” my progress and newfound happiness. How can I find balance when choosing my dress? I want to look fabulous but not at the risk of upstaging my daughter. Please help!

PS. The colors are “shades of blue.”


Secretly Ashamed Mother Of The Bride (#MOTB)

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Dear Secretly Ashamed #MOTB,

I want to congratulate you on your journey to happiness. Everyone deserves to be fabulous! It’s never too late to get out of a relationship that isn’t serving your heart any longer, and it’s definitely never too late to add a few extra inches to your heels or to your hair!

Now, onto to the matter at hand … You have basically answered your own question. While this wedding is a celebration, it’s not one to celebrate your new body or happiness. It’s for your daughter and the love of her life. This is not the time nor the place for you to – in any way – upstage your daughter and her moment that comes once in a lifetime.

My advice is “less is always more.” Be classic, be chic, be appropriate, but still be breathtaking. Being fabulous is a state of being, it’s not about wearing revealing clothing or having the most diamonds situated on your limbs.

Here are my suggestions…



This sleek column dress with a “portrait neckline” is modern, yet classic. The metallic jacquard fabric adds an interesting and punchy twist to a classic silhouette.

Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Off-Shoulder Gown – $500,

Statement Earrings:

Add a runway vibe to this classic dress. If you go for these earrings, you can nix a necklace. The neckline is so beautiful and elegant, it does not need any distractions. Just beautiful skin will do!

Oscar De la Renta Blue Resin Rose C Earrings-  $375, 


chmp diamond 3 disc:ear

Forever Earrings:

Nothing says forever and a day like diamonds! For a more classic feel, opt for these three-tiered 14k gold champagne diamond earrings #DiamondsAreForever!

MRE Jewelry Champagne Diamond 3 Disc Earrings – $375,



Who says a bag should just be about functionality? Add in this whimsical, wearable piece of art for a look that will surely be remembered forever. ALSO, pair this bag with denim and pumps for a casual evening look #MultiUse.

Edie Parker Jean Glitter Acrylic Clutch – $1395,   



These ladylike “Monochromatic Killers” scream drama! The lace and leather beauties would create an interesting paradox when paired with the classic column jacquard dress.

Oscar de la Renta Alyssa Lace Pump – $1,190, 



Keeping things in the lace family, add in a gold or silver metallic sandal for a more classic and feminine look.

Oscar de la Renta Ambria Metallic Leather Lace Sandal – $1290, 

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